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Bathroom Remodeling: Design Tips That Might Help

Updated on February 25, 2017
A newly designed bathroom.
A newly designed bathroom.


Believe it or not, you will experience remodeling, renovation or restoring any part of your house in the future, especially if you are planning to have your own family.

For example, when you have kids, you’d consider to remodel your bath in such way that it can accommodate many people at once or that you’d have many bathrooms inside your house. So it is better that now you are already aware of it and that you know how it goes. Instead of worrying about anything, be prepared for the project.

To start with, here are a few design tips that will help you get through the task smoothly.

The Cost

Know how much the project can cost considering the design you’d like to achieve. You can ask help from your chosen contractor in determining your overall budget for the project. Put in mind that some bathroom design costs more while others for less.

The Toilet Placement

Place the toilet away from the door. It shouldn’t be the center of attention when a person opens the bathroom door. You can place it on the far end corner from the bathtub or shower room. The toilet is only good to see when you need to use it. It is never used as something aesthetic or to please one’s eyes.

The Vintage Finishes

Think about keeping any vintage finishes. Your goal for the remodeling might be to create a fresh new look for your bath, but there might be areas that you don’t need to replace or demolish such as your tile walls. It might be better to keep them and then serve as a cool feature of your bathroom.

The Lighting

Choose a lighting style. With the plethora of lighting choices you have today, it is very important that you think of the light’s usage more than its design. LED lighting are great energy-saver if you’re looking to lower your electric bill. Also, see to it that the style matches your bathroom’s overall theme.

The Dimensions

Know the required code measurements of bathrooms and their parts. Each state has different rules concerning bathroom dimensions. The sink, for instance, must be 3 feet in height from the tile flooring. The standard distance of the lavatory’s centerline from a wall should be 15 inches.

The Mini-Tub Feature

Consider putting a mini-bathtub. If putting a full bathtub is not an option, then consider those mini-bathtubs in the market right now. A mini-bathtub in one corner can be a cool feature and is very helpful when you have kids in your house. But there are mini-bathtubs designed to accommodate both adults and kids that you consider too.

The Vanity

Choose the most appropriate bathroom accessories. Other than being aesthetically appealing, these vanities should also be functional. So if, for example, you plan to include bathroom candles, choose those that are scented. Don’t just look at the style, consider their usage.

The Shower

Convert your tub area to a shower room. Putting a bathtub in your bathroom requires substantial space. You don’t only consider where to place it but also how you can get to and out of it when taking a bath.

The Drier

Find other ways to keep your bath dry after use. You can either take advantage of the windows leaning towards the sunrise or a ventilation fan that leans towards the outside.


Planning for your bathroom’s design can be overwhelming if you don’t like designing. But don’t worry because there are professionals who can help you, especially if you’re up for a bath remodeling in Michigan. What is important is you know the basics so you are well informed about the processes and details all throughout the project.


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