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Bathroom Storage Solutions

Updated on October 6, 2018
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This writer is always looking for the latest and best in home improvements

Double Door Unit

The Right Bathroom Storage For Your Household

Bathroom hygiene is important and good storage can help by minimizing infections, maximizing space, and giving an uncluttered appearance.

No matter how scrupulously clean you think your bathroom is germs are a fact of life.

Fecal matter can reach items such as toothbrushes every-time you flush the loo and that is an unpleasant fact of life too.

There are so many stylish options when it comes to bathroom storage you will be literally spoiled for choice but this also means there will be something that will suit your bathroom no matter how small the room is.

There are the usual traditional bathroom cabinets, which include modern styles and in some cases they are minimal size.

But there are various other storage options

Before you hit the shops or the virtual high street think about your wants, needs and just why you plan to buy bathroom storage.

  • What is your budget?
  • Is space a premium or limitless?
  • Do you want your storage permanently fixed or freestanding?
  • What is your colour scheme?
  • Is your bathroom light and airy or damp and musty?
  • Is longevity of your furniture important?
  • What is the size of your household? Does it include children, especially a little one?
  • Is style going the most important consideration or is it practicality?

These and other considerations are important, especially if you want value for money.

Remember the air quality in your bathroom is relevant to the materials used to make any bathroom storage.

There are many stylish rattan bathroom storage cupboards but these may not fare well in very damp conditions. If purchasing this type of storage check it is designed for use in a bathroom which has a normal level of moisture.

However if hygiene is your prime concern opt for a material that you can clean easily and one that will not absorb toilet spray.

Chrome and stainless steel is popular in bathrooms as shelving.

Tall slender draw units are perfect for some bathrooms. However, if you have small children using your bathroom on a daily basis, these units could be difficult for them to reach.

This could be handy though as you may not want little fingers rummaging through your toiletries.You could also place the children’s items in the bottom drawers.

However, if space allows, perhaps a wide but low bathroom storage unit could be the best option. Drawer units that fit under the bathroom basin are useful.

Fix any tall cabinet to the wall so it cannot topple over.

If space is at a premium in your bathroom check out storage that will hang over the bathroom door.

With just two of us in our household, we opted for a tall slender drawer unit for our bathroom storage

Our bathroom storage unit, which has a frame of light wood, takes up a small amount of floor space. It has rattan drawers which have a pale colored, linen liner, which is removable for cleaning. This also prevents spillages damaging the rattan. There are five drawers in the unit, which works for us. Stain the light wood to suit your taste. You can store extra items on top of the unit if desired.


For the perfect solution for you why not design and make your own bathroom storage?

Designing and creating your bathroom storage is not necessarily expensive or difficult.

Pallets, or in some cases the wood from pallets, is now used to create a variety of shelves and storage option.

Incorporate hooks or a towel rail, if desired, into any storage you design and make

The great thing about making and designing your bathroom storage is that it will be just what you need.

© 2010 Ethel Smith


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