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Bathroom Renovation 3

Updated on May 7, 2009
Ceiling over the tub before drywall
Ceiling over the tub before drywall
Ceiling after drywall - notice how nicely the drywall fits around the canned light - very pleased indeed
Ceiling after drywall - notice how nicely the drywall fits around the canned light - very pleased indeed
Rough in plumbing from the old door to the 'walk in closet' - the new tub is behind those 2" x 4" studs
Rough in plumbing from the old door to the 'walk in closet' - the new tub is behind those 2" x 4" studs

During the time we were demolishing the old bathroom and opening the space into the old small walk-in closet we found time to select and order a new tub, cabinet and plumbing fixtures. We decided on the Kohler Archer tub and also the Archer brushed nickel faucets which we ordered from Home Depot directly and also Home To see these products you can click on the link:

We ordered some of the products through the special orders desk at the store and others through the on-line site. Make sure you check out both and select the method that saves you the most money and headache. The site will ship things directly to your home but the shipping costs can be higher whereas the shipping through the special orders desk to the store is free. The prices can vary as well. We purchased some of the actual faucets and plumbing parts through the on-line and other parts through the desk even though they were in the same line.

The cabinet is an American Woodmark also at Home Depot which we ordered upside down so we could maximize the cabinet’s storage potential. Later when we install this in the bathroom a photo will be included with that blog so you can 'see' what I mean.

The reason we chose this particular tub is that it is DEEP and who doesn’t love a hot bath in deep water? Granted, it isn’t the most energy efficient or water wise but when your achy body needs something after a hard day working on home improvement projects it is a small price to pay so forgive me my occasional bath.

Before the plumbers came to install the tub and all the rough-in plumbing for us we installed insulation and then dry walled the ceiling over the tub. We thought it would be easier to do that without the tub in place and I believe we were right to do this first. We found a good tip on-line (sorry, didn’t make note of the particular blogger who wrote this but I imagine it is under some expert dry wall site) to use lipstick on the edge of the canned light then push the drywall up where you want it and then use the lipstick impression to cut out the drywall so it’ll go around the canned light nicely. You can see that it works like a champ as we are neither dry wall experts nor experts in anything in this project.

Our fantastic plumbers came and did all the rough in for us. When it comes to electricity and water it is important to know your limits and this particular situation was out of our comfort zone for sure. The old walk-in closet is cantilevered over the outside of the house so now the new tub’s drain and water supply will go through this area which we attempted to insulate as much as possible but is not heated. The plumber used a type of pipe for the fresh water that will expand up to three times it’s width in the off chance it will freeze. He then ran the drain pipe into the warm part of the house and put the “P” trap there to eliminate any freezing potential for that. I was profoundly impressed. We also have old galvanized vent pipe that stuck out into the room and wasted precious space we wanted for our vanity so they fixed that to stay within the confines of the wall space. All the plumbing had to move basically from the right to the left as the room layout stayed the same it was, just spread out. We use Angie’s List here to find good companies to do work for us and that was how I had found this plumber. Lastly they installed the tub so now it is up to us to get more of this bathroom going.

Next up will be finishing the venting, hanging drywall and the cement boards in the shower area.


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