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Beautiful Tiffany Style Floor Lamps

Updated on June 10, 2014

Tiffany Floor Lamps Add Sophistication

If you're looking for lamps for your room in a style that is neither old nor new, you could consider Tiffany style floor lamps. As a part of the Art Nouveau movement, the Tiffany stained leaded glass lamps were hand crafted and owned by the upper class. Now you can have your very own reproduction of a Tiffany lamp of almost any type, whether as a statement piece alone or as a task or reading light.

The Art Nouveau art style is one of the few that spans the total spectrum of decorative arts, i.e. graphic and fine arts, architecture, interior design, furniture, jewelry and more. It was inspired by natural structures and forms and its proponents preached art as a way of life. It was during this movement that glass art, particularly stained leaded glass, was used in lighting and Tiffany Studios became famous for their glass lamps that featured patterns of butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and more.

The most common types in this style of floor lamps are the Torchiere or torch, traditional, mission and downbridge or arc lamps. This style of lamp usually comes with a stand in an antique bronze or brass finish, or brushed gold or steel. There are a few brands that are known for their top rated tiffany floor lamps, like Quoizel, Chloe, Dale and Warehouse of Tiffany, so any of these are a good bet.

Tiffany Style Torchiere Floor Lamps

For an even ambient light effect in the room, a torchiere lamp shines light upwards from a reflective bowl or cone shaped light shade. This kind of light shade is best at showcasing the beauty of Tiffany glass with a hint of Parisian décor. It usually works with 1 light bulb and sometimes comes with a dimmer switch on the stem or a foot tap switch on its electrical cord.

Warehouse by Tiffany's Dragonfly 72-Inch Torchiere Floor Lamp

This delightfully hued torchiere lamp subtly hides dragonfly motifs around the rim of the scalloped-edged shade. It is made of 200 hand cut pieces of glass in green, red, orange and purple and is set on a sculpted white zinc pole and base.

A single 60-watt (max) incandescent bulb is needed and a step switch turns it on and off.

It measures 72 inches in height and 15 inches in diameter and is very good value for money.

Quoizel Kami Tiffany Torchiere Lamp with Vintage Bronze Finish

If you're after a vintage look, this lamp in an antiqued bronze finished base with light bronze highlights is complemented with a shade made of 366 pieces of glass in warm amber, caramel and emerald hues.

The 3-way switch is located on the pedestal just under the shade and it uses a 150W, 120V CFL or incandescent bulb for controlled lighting. This makes it a good option for versatile lighting.

The lamp is 70 inches high with a diameter of 14 inches and it is a part of a collection of various light fittings, so you can choose more pieces to continue with a theme in your home.

Chloe Lighting Iris Torchiere

This lamp features a gorgeous blue and purple pattern of irises balanced with warm green, yellow and amber among the 450 glass pieces and 30 cabochons. The base is made of metal and it comes with a simple foot stepper switch.

This 1 light lamp uses a 60W incandescent bulb, is 71" tall and 17" wide.

Quoizel Stephen 1 Light Tiffany Torchiere Lamp

Love the vintage bronze look but brought forward to a more modern age? This straight-edged torchiere is made of 252 pieces of amber, brown and earthy green stained glass set in a geometric pattern. The metal base has a semi-gloss, vintage bronze finish with lighter bronze highlights.

This lamp is 70" high and 14" by 14" wide at the top. It comes with a simple foot stepper switch on the power cord and works with a 150W, 120V incandescent or compact fluorescent bulb.

Tiffany Traditional and Mission Style Floor Lamps

Perhaps the most popular style of Tiffany lighting is the traditional one with an inverted bowl-shaped shade. They often use 2 or 3 bulbs that are controlled by pull chain switches, making these the most versatile for use while reading or just adding to the a room's ambiance.

Very similar to the traditional type is the mission style shade. The straight lines with amber and wood tones are hallmarks of the mission style lamps. These natural elements combined with the colorful patterns of the Tiffany glass shades make an interesting but timeless style of lighting.

Quoizel Larissa 2 Rose Light Lamp

This classic Art Nouveau rose pattern in rich jewel hues and warm undertones makes the traditional bowl-shaped shade look expensive and exotic. It features 426 glass pieces in red, blue, purple, green and yellow and a base in a dark vintage bronze finish.

This is a 2 light lamp using incandescent bulbs of a maximum of 100W each (23W CFL). They are controlled by individual pull chains, so you can choose between two light intensities.

When fully assembled, it measures 62" tall and 18" in diameter.

Lite Source Tryphena Leaf Motif Floor Lamp

This 2 light lamp comes with a stained glass shade featuring a leaf motif and two pull chain switched for the 60W incandescent bulbs that are included. The pole is in an antiqued brown finish with a beautiful pattern adorning the top just under the shade. The base is solid and heavy, making it very stable.

It measures 60 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter.

Quoizel Inglenook Tiffany 2 Lt Floor Lamp

This beautiful architectural Tiffany shade is best suited for a less traditional décor. The geometric pattern is made from 260 glass pieces in red, tan and amber with blue and green accents, and the shade sits on a valiant bronze finished base.

It is a 2-light lamp with pull chain switches that control two 75W incandescent bulbs.

It is 62" tall and 17" wide.

Tiffany Style Downbridge Floor Lamp

If you're looking for a predominantly reading light, a downbridge floor lamp is the best choice. It usually has the shade attached to a short arm and turned downwards to direct the light onto any task at hand. The lamp can be moved about to get the angle of the light just right.

Dale Tiffany Downbridge Floor Lamp with Antique Golden Stand

For a dramatic but modern Tiffany lamp, choose this downbridge style with the cone-shaped shade made of cut stained glass in warm earthy hues. The embossed metal base has an antique gold sand finish while the top of the pole and bridge arm features scrolls and crystal leaves.

Using a screw-type knob to loosen and tighten hold, the shade can be swiveled to any angle while it shines downwards to cast light on a wider area while also giving you a perfect light to read or work by.

A foot switch turns the single light on or off and uses a 100W incandescent bulb. The lamp is 21.25 inches wide and 60 inches high.

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Dale Tiffany Rose Dome Downbridge Floor Lamp

For a romantic old world feel, this dome-shaped downbridge lamp with a rose pattern is a good choice. While the style is Tiffany-inspired, it is not a true Tiffany style as the shade is made of a single glass part and not many pieces soldered together. The beautiful base and arm is finished in antique bronze.

It uses a single 60W bulb and is controlled by a simple foot switch.

It is 20 inches wide and 63 inches tall with the shade being 10" in diameter.

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