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Bed Bugs Extermination You Got Em Get Rid Of Em

Updated on September 24, 2013


Bed bugs are the creepiest little bugs! It is believed these bugs once lived in caves during before the 1950's, and first came in contact with bats.   It was during WWII when governmental agencies began using the chemical DDT to rid the widespread outbreak of bed bugs. There is a social stigma connected with bed bugs which is totally untrue.  Bed bugs do not have any prejudices.  Anyone can get them if preciouses are not taken when travelling, shopping, or even going to the laudromat.   Some feel a person's home is not clean if they have bed bugs; however this is not true.   

Common Points You Should Know

Can you get bed bugs from washing clothes?

Yes, if you accidently have your personal items on the floor, you can carry a bed bug back home with you.

Can you use a personal steam cleaner to kill bed bugs?

They can be killed this way but the temperature must be at least 120*

Are bed bugs seasonal?

Unlike most bugs such as mositoes, or bees that are seasonal, bed bugs are NOT seasonal.

Will Protection Pads Guarantee Full Protection?

No.  Your mattress, and box spring can be placed in the protection covers as a preventive measure for your bed, however this does not keep bed bugs out of your home.

bed bugs
bed bugs

Facts About Bed Bugs

  • Most people do not feel when they are bitten, but they do leave itchy welts
  • Currently there is no proof that bed bugs transmit disease to humans
  • One bug can give you multiple bites
  • Bed Bugs are insects that hide in the daytime, feed on individuals at night
  • If you do have bed bugs leave a night light on in the bedroom to avoid being bit until you can exterminate
  • These bugs can be found on your drapes, in between cracks in the wall window frames, door frames, picture frames
  • Only drink blood
  • Can live months without eating
  • leave dark fecal spots on sheet
  • They have 5 stages of life before reaching adulthood
  • You do not need to throw out furniture to get rid of bed bugs
  • An IPM chemical can be used to exterminate bed bugs should not come in contact with your skin
  • Consult with professional exterminators before attempting to self-exterminate



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