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Behold, the Humble Terrace!

Updated on August 4, 2017
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Stella is a full-time professional landlord and property developer with fourteen years' experience. She is based in the UK

Streets Ahead


Millionaire’s Mansion or Tumbledown Terrace?

Whether you're looking to buy a magnificent millionaire’s mansion or a tiny tumbledown terrace, the UK will have the ideal property for you. In all locations nationwide you can find properties of every description and price range.

Any reputable property portal such as Rightmove will help you in your endeavour to find suitable properties in any given area.

It may be surprising to some but the best real estate investment property to be found in the UK is not some salubrious semi in suburbia but the humble house that is right at the very bottom of the market. Forget larger homes on sprawling estates - it's the tiny 'two-up-two-down' terrace, which Americans sometimes call a ’row’ house that makes the ideal investment property.

These ‘bread and butter’ properties can be little gold mines if located in areas of high rental demand and bought and renovated cheaply. Terraced town houses near to all local amenities always hold their appeal. Running costs are low and terraces by their very nature are warmer than detached homes; They're cheap to furnish and decorate due to their smaller overall floor space. Manageable gardens or courtyards thus make them the ideal ‘starter’ home.

Auction houses will always have these popular properties on their books and they can often be snapped up at bargain prices especially in Northern England.

Gone are the days when whole streets of terraced homes could be purchased for less than a thousand GB pounds but it's still possible to find the perfect rental property in University locations like Hull and have change from 30,000 pounds. The rental yield from such properties can be very lucrative for the investor who does his sums right as these tiny two or three bedroom terraces can now command in the region of 450 pounds per calendar month in rental income.

If you're prepared for the hassle and long term commitment that being a landlord will inevitably bring, then you don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that it's far better than leaving your money in the bank where it'll not only earn you zero interest but will lose its spending power too.

The tiny terraced house is part of Britain’s unique heritage. These humble abodes of yesteryear were initially constructed for the general populous with no inside toilets, bathrooms or any of the modern conveniences that we now take for granted but nowadays the updated and ever-popular terraced home can still hold its own in today’s turbulent property market.

If you remember the popular board game of Monopoly you can still win the game by buying the very cheapest property on Whitechapel and Old Kent Road - Park Lane and Mayfair can always wait until after you've made your fortune!


© 2015 Stella Kaye


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