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Benefits of Orchids and how to properly take care of them

Updated on April 9, 2013
Pretty orchids
Pretty orchids

A brief introduction

Both casual flower lovers and gardening specialists are fond of Orchids due to various reasons. This beautiful flower's scientific name is Orchidaceae and currently one of the most widely used flowers on special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. Growing orchids does not require tedious and complicated processes as this type of flower easily cross-pollinates and has a high mortality rate given you water and expose it to sufficient amounts of sunlight.

Phalinopsis and Oncidiums are the two major types of Orchids. The first variety is preferred by gardeners as they are very easy to take care and reproduce rapidly. Breeding Phalinopsis with other species which results to unique Orchids is also possible. On the other hand, the second type is only famous among rich gardeners. They are quite rare and expensive. Growing them requires extra attention and should only be successfully carried out by gardeners with vast experience and knowledge.

Benefits of Orchids only a few are aware of

Orchids can not only beauty to anyone's garden but also be used in many ways. It is currently known worldwide as a perfume scent. Its leaves are used to create a strong fabric while extracts from its flowers can be cultivated to produce a delicious and calming tea. Alcoholics will also find Orchids as gems since a known type of rum treats it as a major ingredient.
Orchids offer healing effects as well. A medicinal tea out of this pretty flower can improve one's immune system and eyesight. Many also claim that drinking this kind of tea increases libido, and is a potential cure for various types of cancers. Your heart, liver , and lungs can also benefit from a tea made out of powdered orchid flowers so be sure to try it out.
An orchid's stem and bulbs are often used for medicinal purposes. They are powdered and used as desired. On the other hand, its flowers are dried and used as tea which can be very satisfying and reduces great amounts of stress. Experts also confirm that roots from this plant has antimicrobial properties and boasts essential oils that can boost one's overall health.
Vanilla, a famous flavor, is actually a type of orchid! Many of you might not believe but it's a fact. Without orchids, the vanilla flavor both the young and old love won't be around. Orchids are also used for cooking and in creating delicious soups and thirst-quenching drinks.

The proper way to take care of your Orchids

Regardless what type of orchid you currently have, sufficient water and sunlight are a must to encourage their health and steady growth. If you are new to gardening, learn more about the craft and be aware about the distinctive properties of this kind of flower. Once you get the hang of it, you'll eventually develop your own effective technique in nurturing and breeding an orchid.

Whether you prefer an expensive or affordable type of orchid, it's definitely not a bad choice. These beautiful flowers can add more aesthetic value to your garden and can serve various relevant purposes as well. Don't hesitate to invest in this matter since you'll never go wrong if you choose the prettiest orchids available!


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