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Benefits of Selling Your Home “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO

Updated on April 10, 2017

Selling FSBO Resource

Why would you sell your home “For Sale By Owner” or FSBO, when you can hire a real estate agent to sell your home for you? After all, they are professionals. Surprisingly though, selling your home FSBO isn’t quite as difficult as it seems. In fact, according to the millions of homeowners who have had successes selling FSBO, it’s a breeze. With all of the resources available to you through FSBO authority websites like, it’s a mistake to not sell your home FSBO to save thousands of dollars.

Save Your Family Thousands of Dollars by Selling FSBO

There are many reasons and benefits why a homeowner should sell FSBO.The first and most apparent benefit of selling your Real Estate FSBO is that fact that going through a licensed real estate agent can be costly. When you work with a real estate professional, they assess the price of your home, put it on a Multiple Listing Service for other real estate professionals and buyer agents, deal with legal negotiations, and close the sale. Agents make commission on the selling price of home sales, sometimes up to 6%. That can amount to thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars. Selling your home FSBO can save you that commission fee and put the money back in your pocket.

Why Go For FSBO Buying or Selling?

There are many reasons why it makes sense to Sell your home FSBO. Given current housing market trends, the public is becoming more and more receptive of the “do it yourself” FSBO method. In this tumultuous housing market, homeowners have taken matters into their own hands, and people have noticed. Potential buyers are even looking for homes FSBO, so as to avoid the legal façade of dealing with real estate professionals. Many times, without considering the commission costs, the buyer gets a much better price and less hassle of dealing with a middle man.

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Understanding The Housing Market and How To Sell Your Home FSBO

Given this current trend, FSBO home sellers have a veritable world of resources at their disposal. A few years ago, it was difficult to understand how the home selling process worked, but today, with the abundance of social websites and media enables online amenities, understanding the housing market and how to sell your home is a breeze. Selling your home FSBO has almost become a convenience. For instance, you can find online FSBO assistance that offers all of the expertise and assistance you would get with an agent, including Flat Fee MLS and Agent Assistance, at a fraction of the cost. Plus you get access to a nationwide community of home sellers, buyers, and professionals all working to help you sell your home FSBO.

Taking Control Over Your Own Property Selling by Going FSBO

Some home sellers turn to FSBO, because they enjoy the capacity to have control over the sale of your home. When you work with a real estate agent, you are essentially putting your trust and financial equity into their hands, and, assuming that they are competent professionals, they should get you the price you want, but that does not always happen. When you take control of the home selling process, you have to power to get the price you want. You can make home upgrades to reasonably push that asking price into that next echelon, updating curb appeal or out dated appliances. While this can work in a positive manner, it can also work the other way. If you neglect to make adjustments and price your home too high, you may have a difficult time making a sale. There is no satisfaction like showing your beautiful home and closing a sale yourself, and many home sellers find that reason enough to sell their home FSBO.

FSBO Bottom Line

The bottom line is that when you sell you home FSBO you take control. The benefits are abound, and with so many great resources at your fingertips to help you sell your home and save thousands of dollars, home sellers really have no reason to not sell their home For Sale By Owner (FSBO). 


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