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Natural Pesticide Control Your Pest By Using Some Natural Pesiticide

Updated on September 14, 2011

While many people will be planting a garden this year they might be challenged by some of the bugs that can come along and eat up the plants that they have in the garden. Some people will turn to the commercial pesticides that they can pick up at the local store, but others will turn to the natural pesticide that comes from the kitchen or by attracting friendly birds to take care of the problem. I know that I have used both types of pesticides and have found that I like the natural pesticide better and here is the benefits of using the natural pesticide.

The first benefit that I have found of using natural pesticide is that it is cheaper than the commercial pesticide because most of the ingredients come from my kitchen. So as long as I have some of the items in my kitchen that I would normally be using for food I am able to make up some of this pesticide. Now at times some of the pesticide that I will be making will not be used to kill the pest, but to drive them off because they will not like the taste of the plant anymore, but that doesn’t affect my plants food taste.

The second benefit of using the natural pesticide is that since I am able to make it in my kitchen it normally will not have any strong chemicals as an ingredient. Not having to add some of those strong chemicals is nice if you are trying to grow your garden as natural as possible. I know that my plants seem to do better when I do not have to add all the chemicals to take care of the pest that I have used in the past on the same exact plant.

The third benefit of natural pesticide is if I manage to attract the birds to my yard to take care of the pest I will be adding some additional natural beauty. This is especially true if the birds decide to nest close by then I will be able to watch the future parents every day while they feed their young and themselves!

While many people will be turning to pesticide to take care of their problems with pest you might want to consider using the natural cure alternatives. I know that for some people they will grab the commercial stuff on the store shelf, but others will make their own natural pesticide. I know that for me I have found the benefits of using the natural pesticide and will continue to enjoy the benefits of the natural pesticide.

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