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Best Homemade Roach Killer Recipes

Updated on October 25, 2014

People have different approaches when dealing with a cockroach infestation ranging from using chemicals to natural “organic” solutions. But before any solution is attempted, one must first take care of the basics of controlling any pest – removing the conditions that encourage them to thrive.

Cleanliness is one of the most important tool when fighting cockroaches as it denies them a source of food which is necessary for their reproduction, growth and development.

Cutting off the food supplies of the cockroaches is one of the most effective strategies of controlling them:

  • Keep food in the refrigerator or in sealed containers;
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink or the dishwasher ajar;
  • Keep your home meticulously clean, especially the kitchen and dinner areas;
  • Vacuum regularly and a broom after a meal;
  • Remove all sources of water to deny cockroaches a means of quenching their thirst (wipe sinks, showers, sinks, drain sponges, close the aquarium, etc.);
  • Place the bowl of your dog in a pan with a little soapy water;
  • Make sure you seal your garbage cans tightly.

Once the issue of cleanliness and removal of conditions that encourage the growth of cockroaches has been addressed, then it is time to look at a few effective homemade solutions to the cockroach.


Homemade roach killer solutions

Diatomaceous earth is a highly effective non-toxic chemical that can also be incorporated on sticky traps.

There is also the possibility of fumigation with all the inconvenience it entails such as having to vacate the premises for a few days and having to repeat the exercise every few months

As an aside, cockroaches do hate the cold and if you have the ability to keep the temperature of your home or apartment to -4 °C or below for at least twelve hours, it can be an effective way of keeping them off

Bay leaves -cockroaches cannot tolerate the smell of bay leaves, for it if you place them in different parts of your home you should leave quickly.

You can use whole leaves or grind them and put them on paper, then place them in areas frequented by cockroaches.

Boric acid balls are an effective method of getting rid of cockroaches as boric acid is easily available from the pharmacy and is cheap. To make the balls, all you have do is mix the boric acid with condensed milk and some bread then roll them into balls using gloves for protection.

To bait the pest even better, you may add some sugar to the mixture. Be careful not to leave the balls in areas frequented by pets as they may ingest it accidentally.

You can also use Boric acid in the form of paste. Just mix it with condensed milk to form a paste then apply it along baseboards, closets, under sinks, behind and under furniture and in every crevice that cockroaches can pass through.

Vaseline coated tins - you can also coat the inside of a tin with Vaseline and place a bait such as sugar water for example – this is sure-fire trap.

Traps - though there are many sticky traps available in the market, it is really very easy to make a cockroach trap for yourself. Apply glue to a piece of cardboard and bait it with pieces of food and sprinkle some sugar all over. Regularly inspect the traps so that you can get rid of the captured cretins.

Ammonia – add to the water that you use for cleaning the floor and then pour it into the drain to kill any cockroaches that may get close to it.

Hot water over nesting areas of cockroaches will kill them instantly and reduce the total population of the pests. The hot water treatment can also be done to the kitchen pipes after washing dishes which is also effective in reducing the cockroach population.

Cleanliness is a very powerful tool that must be applied at all time because it cuts off the supply of food to the cockroaches. Ensure that wet areas such as kitchen and bathrooms are cleaned and dried regularly. You should also ensure that garbage bins are always covered and that garbage is emptied before it accumulates.

Cucumber slices mixed with bitter oranges placed in the places where cockroaches frequent will repel them because the smell the combination emits

Baking soda mixed with sugar is a potent weapon against cockroaches as the sugar acts as the bait while the baking soda acts as the poison

Flour and sugar mixture poured over the places that are frequented by cockroaches is an effective weapon in your arsenal against cockroaches. Place the mixture next to a bowl filled with water and watch as the cockroaches die from the intestinal obstruction that results

Essence of lavender poured on clay pebbles or pieces of cotton is effective in repelling the cockroaches as they are just hate how it smells.


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