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Best Kitchen Gadget - The One Touch Jar Opener

Updated on August 9, 2012

Available at Amazon

One Touch Jar Opener

5 stars for The One Touch Jar Opener

Highly Recommended

The One Touch Jar Opener is probably the best kitchen gadget I have ever had the pleasure of using. I bought this powerful battery operated jar opener about 2 years ago. Of the many kitchen tools I have used it has to have given the most value for money.

It was recommended to my wife by her occupational therapist along with its sister kitchen gadget, the One Touch Can Opener. My wife has Rheumatoid Arthritis making opening jars and using a traditional can opener a real problem but this has been solved by these marvellous gadgets. With just a press of a button these tasks can now be performed hands free.

Hidden Bonuses

There are also some hidden added bonuses. While the gadget is doing its job anything else that needs to be done can be carried out. This is true time saving multi-tasking in action. Worktop space is also a factor when choosing kitchen appliances and utensils. In this case the one touch jar opener fits neatly into a drawer when not in use. Some jar and can openers I have seen are quite cumbersome items. Some worktop models and those which screw under a cupboard are also much less aesthetically pleasing.


In this review I have focused on the jar opener because, although the features of the can opener are different, the basic principle is the same. They both make something that is sometimes very difficult to do, very easy.

Easily Stowed Away In A Drawer or Cupboard

Examples of Just Two Different Jars Being Easily Opened

The Jar Opener In Action

The video shows the jar opener in action opening two different types of jar.

The first part shows the opening of a pickle jar. This type of jar is especially hard to open by hand when new due to its vacuum seal. It also has a pop up button safety feature which tells you if the seal is broken and the jar has been opened before. You will here a distinctive popping sound as the lid is loosened by the jar opener.

The second part of the video shows the jar opener opening a jar of yeast extract. This has a screw top that is hard to open because the contents usually get onto the screw part of the jar acting like very strong glue when the lid is replaced.

One Touch Is All It Takes

You will notice that all it takes in both instances is a push of the button on top for the three way action to begin. The first action is the outer clamps gripping the jar itself. This starts off the second action which is the inner clamp gripping the lid. When this is complete the third action starts to turn the inner clamp to unscrew the lid. The ingenious thing about this gadget is that sufficient pressure is applied to the clamps automatically depending on the tightness of the lid. This is just like you would do if you were trying to open it by hand.


Length: 200mm/8inches
Width: 70mm/2.75 inches
Lid Sizes: 32mm/1.3inches to 101mm/4inches diameter
Jar Sizes: 21mm/0.8inches to 95mm/3.7inches diameter
Pressure: 25 psi (pounds per square inch)
Power: 2 AA Batteries (Alkaline or Rechargeable)

Pros and Cons


  • Easy way to open jars, even those that are normally stubborn
  • Opens all but a very few types of jars
  • Easily stowed away when not in use
  • Battery operated so no plugs or leads to get in the way
  • It’s ideal for those who have problems with gripping


  • Not for use on plastic jars
  • Can be quite noisy due to the powerful motor
  • The batteries can be short lived if used a lot (keep a spare set)

Powerful Motor and Jaws Make Light Work of Opening Lids

To Sum Up

All in all, this little kitchen gadget, the One Touch Jar Opener, can be a truly practical addition to any kitchen utensil drawer. Whether you need one because you find it hard to open jars due to physical difficulties or just because it’s easier than struggling with wet hands, you will find it invaluable. Left or right handed it’s easy to use. It's compact and powerful and, I have to admit, fun to sometimes just stand and watch it do its thing.


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