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Best Lawnmowers Under $400 2013

Updated on April 21, 2013

Best Mower for Lawns Under 400 Dollars

It has come to the time of year to start thinking about your lawn, better weather means that you need to start mowing your lawn on a regular basis. Lawnmowers do not come cheap, but fortunately there are several excellent ones available for less than 400 dollars, whether you want a walk behind mower powered by electric or gas. You can find a large selection here.

Investing in a good quality lawnmower is worthwhile as it will do you year after year for a long time. All the ones featured here have at least a 4 star Amazon rating. Choose from brands like Greenworks, Black and Decker and Husqvarna.

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Black and Decker Lawn Mower Under 400 Dollars


Best Walk-Behind Lawn mower under 400 dollars

This Black and Decker lawn mower has an Amazon rating of 4 stars after over 280 reviews and is the fourth best selling walk behind mower right now!

It has the ability to cut one third of an acre without any trouble and can be stored upright in shed or garage. This is good if you are short of space. You can also adjust the cutting height of this mower with the click of a button! Battery can be easily charged and one reviewer stated that it mowed a 5000 sq ft lawn without running out of charge.

Many people like this mower because it is quiet, easy to store and you have no hassle with gas!

This comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

Cheap Walk Behind Mowers for your Lawn

If you want to spend less than 400 dollars on a quality walk behind mower you can do. There are some cheaper options below. You have to remember that cheaper lawn mowers will not have the same features as their more expensive counterparts. Things to consider are power of mower and whether they are suitable suitable to mow a large area of lawn. In some instances cheaper mowers are adequate to mow smaller areas of lawn. Storage is another consideration.

Walk Behind Mowers Under 200 Dollars

Cheap Greenworks Walk Behind Mower

This particular walk behind mower currently has a 25% discount Amazon rating is 4.6 stars. Small compact mower which will work well on smaller lawns with flower beds. Can be used to cut grass of different lengths and has the option of adjusting to 7 different heights should you leave cutting your lawn longer than you should do.

Currently this is the number one selling walk behind mower on Amazon.

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Lawnmower Bargain

The lawnmower below is the same one as featured at the top of the page, BUT with one important difference! It is $20 cheaper on eBay!

No gas lawn mowers under 400 dollars

It is impossible to find a brand new gas powered lawn mower for less than 400 dollars!

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