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Best Mouse Trap Mousetrap Car

Updated on April 26, 2015
Mouse Trap
Mouse Trap

Best Mouse Trap Mousetrap

The best mouse trap for one person might not be the same best mousetrap for another. The general purpose for a mouse trap is to catch a mouse.

The reason someone might want to catch a mouse is because often the little rodents get into food that is stored in a kitchen or pantry.

Then after they fill their bellies like to leave little things called mouse droppings behind thanking you for a free meal.

Another reason is these little critters like to get into warm bundles of laundry leaving a stained trail behind.

Mice also like to chew on electrical wiring through out the walls of a house or mobile home and can cause shorts in the wiring or even possibly start a fire.

The New d-Con covered mouse traps are safe and designed to be used again. They are covered and make for easy cleaning. Placed in high mouse traffic areas are very effective. Having used many different types over the years I would have to say the d-Con is the best mouse trap.

Place mouse traps along the walls where the mice travel. Even if the droppings are found up high, placing them along walls is where most mice run. The traps should be checked daily and in most cases will catch a mouse fairly quickly.

Mouse Trap Game

As you can see there is also a fun game called mouse trap. I remember playing this board game as a youngster and spent many hours playing it with friends.

Mouse Trap Racer

There is also a nice engineering kit to make a mouse trap car or racer. These can be a fun project for any age group and can be a very educational tool as well.


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