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Best Patio Lounge Chairs

Updated on August 16, 2013

Buying Lounge Chairs for the Deck or Patio

I have friends that would sleep out on their lounge chairs when the weather got hot and sticky. I grew up in New York and the humidity can be wicked. The temperature drops at night but it sometimes wasn't enough to cool down the house especially the bedrooms. When it was too uncomfortable inside, they'd move outdoors and sleep in a lounger.

I don't go that far but I love having a comfortable lounge chair for summer afternoons.We have a nice patio area with a small corner that was perfect for a single lounge chair.It's located below a beautiful shade tree. On summer afternoons when I set out to read my book, I find I can only last about 10 minutes. That's how long it takes for me to get drowsy. The comfort of my recliner combined with a warm summer day is too much to resist. In no time my eyes are closed and my book is forgotten.

The lounger I currently have is very basic with an aluminum frame and and mesh material with no additional cushions. It's still extremely comfortable. The reason I don't add cushions is that the trees are great in regards to shade but we have a jungle full of birds living above us. I have to give the patio, our table and the mesh lounger a good cleaning with the hose to wash off the daily bird droppings.

Zero Gravity Chair

Zero Gravity Chair

Not only do you want comfort, you want a piece of furniture that won't have you walking crooked once you stand up. You want a comfortable and ergonomically correct chaise lounger that will actually help your back. The zero gravity recliner relaxes the back while it reduces the stress on your spine.

The concept used in the design was developed by NASA. The design is also supposed to be better for your circulation. The positioning you are able to acquire with this outdoor lounge chair removes the strain on your back normally experienced due to gravity. The zero gravity recliner claims to reduce the stress on your spine. It's based on the concept of zero gravity that astronauts experience when they're no held down by gravity.

The zero gravity chair raises your feet so they are at the same level as your heart. It's a healthy positioning chair for your entire body. All of these are considerations that NASA took into account when they developed the design and structure of the zero gravity chair. The engineers and scientists at NASA are why you can expect such a comfortable piece of furniture and why it is so good for your back.

I feel lucky in that I don't have any specific back problems but I definitely have the occasional discomfort because of some task I did that - I don't normally do. I don't stretch enough and usually the result is a twinge or some type of slight discomfort for a day or two. Sometimes it's just from sleeping in a terrible position the night before.

If you don't like the sensation when the zero gravity chair is in a position for you to experience the weightless feeling, you have the option of positioning the chair so it acts like most other chaise loungers.

An investment into one of these chairs is small. You can find a well-made lounger that will hold up for years for under $100. If you find that the design really helps your back and you find it beneficial, the next step is to invest in a much more expensive zero gravity lounger for your living room.

The Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Your Favorite Natural Material

What is your favorite material for lounge chairs?

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Outdoor Furniture Made With Natural Materials

Wood, Rattan or Wicker Loungers

Some people prefer using natural materials in decorating and buying for their outdoor deck or patio. And materials like wood, rattan or wicker make for sturdy construction and are very attractive.

Natural materials also blend easily with any color scheme.

If you get tired of all the brown and neutral tones and you're looking to throw some color to your outdoor area, you can get a completely different look just by adding a brightly colored set of cushions.

Outdoor cushions are pretty reasonable and should hold up for years.

With a small investment you can really change the overall look of a patio or deck by just changing out your outdoor cushions.

Lounge chairs made with natural material can weigh more than aluminum and other light weight metal frames. Depending on your weather and if you plan on putting your outdoor furniture away every night. Lighter frames would be easier to carry and store.

Loungers Made with Natural Materials

The lounge chair you buy should fit your needs and your settings

You can even find double width or loveseat style outdoor lounge chairs but if your space is limited you might want to think twice about one of these. Or if you like the look and sturdiness of heavy wooden lounge chairs you may want to consider how difficult these would be to move or store when summer is over.

If you prefer to put your lounger away when you're not using it, a heavy wooden lounger may not be the right one for you. You can't shop just based on design and style. Functionality and practicality should be your first consideration.

Once you start shopping around for chaise lounges, you'll find that there quite a few options and types to select from. You may have not even heard of a couple of them.

I was unaware of the zero gravity chairs until I started shopping around online. Zero gravity means being in the state of weightlessness. Since then I've noticed that they are offered in some of our local stores but with an item that size qualifying for free shipping in most cases, I prefer to just buy it on Amazon and not have to leave the comfort of my home.

My intention is to expose you too the selection available and based on their features, determine which one is the best lounger for you!

Extra Roomy Lounge Chairs

This extra wide and sturdy lounge chair holds up to a maximum of 300 lbs.

A chair that can accommodate larger individuals is nice to have available. This lounger is equipped and capable of handling larger guests.

There's nothing more humiliating than having a friend of relative sit on a piece of furniture and have that piece break. I've been at picnics and gatherings and have seen this type of accident first hand. It happened more frequently in the days of cheap webbing. It's not only dangerous but can be embarrassing.

This extra wide lounger is also appealing because you've got additional room to stretch out.

If you're not concerned with the additional space an extra wide lounger will need, then this wider model is a nice choice.

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