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Best Slow Cooker On a Budget - I Love My Hamilton Beach Programmable 5-Quart Crock Pot

Updated on June 11, 2015

Hamilton Beach Programmable 5-Quart Crock Pot


The Best Slow Cooker to Buy On a Budget

Looking for the Best Slow Cooker to buy on a Budget? Good Housekeeping recommends models in the range of $80. A more budget friendly model is the Hamilton Beach Programmable 5-Quart Crock Pot at $25. Really, are all the extra buttons on the more expensive model worth the extra $55? Put that savings towards some meat that you will cook in your new $25 crock pot.

The top three crock pot models that Good Housekeeping recommends are below:

  • Hamilton Beach Stovetop-Safe Programmable Slow Cooker $80
  • Calphalon 4-Qt. Digital Slow Cooker $80
  • Ninja Cooking System $200

Their top budget friendly model is the Hamilton Beach model. If $80 is just not your budget, then you will love the Hamilton Beach Programmable 5-Quart Crock Pot at $25! This model has MORE programmable options than the Crock-Pot Smart-Pot Slow Cooker! I've been using this model for several months now and it produces excellent dishes time and time again! I would definitely recommend this product to my budget conscious friends.

The Best Slow Cooker to Buy

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Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker 7 Quart

Tortilla Soup made with Slow Cooker

Photo by Betty Crocker Recipes
Photo by Betty Crocker Recipes | Source

Main Features

  • Mix and Match Temperature with your Choice of Cooking Times
  • More Programming Options than Crock-Pot Smart-Pot Slow Cooker
  • Removable, Dishwasher Safe Stoneware & Lid
  • Wraparound Element For Even Heating
  • Time Setting - Select 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 hours.
  • Easy Programmable Meals - No Watching or Stirring
  • Temperature Setting - High, Low, or Warm
  • Perfect Size for a 5 lb. Chicken or 3 lb. Roast
  • No Watching Needed - Auto flips to Warm.
  • Oval Shape & Easy-Clean Touch Pad
  • Stoneware Vessel and Lid are Dishwasher Safe.

Love the flexible programming options! Programmable is the way to go; I no longer have to worry about overcooking with the switch-to-warm feature. I set my slow cooker for the cooking time. It counts down and tells me how much cooking time is left. Then it auto-flips to a keep-warm cycle so that food don't dry out. The keep-warm cycle then counts down (from 14 hours total) to tell me how much keep-warm time is left. I have small kids so these features are super helpful while I'm distracted with all the things that mothers do. You can mix and match any temperature with your choice of cooking times. I also love how easy it is to clean!

Best Place to Buy a Hamilton Beach Programmable 5-Quart Crock Pot?

We recommend purchasing your Hamilton Beach Programmable 5-Quart Crock Pot from Amazon or Wal-Mart. Please see the links below for your convenience.

Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker Review

Why buy a Slow Cooker?

The main reason most people buy a slow cooker is due to its convenience, but also these factors contribute to a great product:

  • Effective for Cooking Meat
  • Tenderizes Tissues of Meat
  • Set & Forget = Convenient!
  • Flavors & Spices evenly distributed
  • Cooks at Lower Temp = Prevents Scorching

You can cook just about any type of dish that would otherwise be cooked in an over with your slow cooker. Slow cookers are perfect for making stew, ribs, soups, roasts, and more! Some of my favorite dishes to cook with a crock pot include clam chowder, pot roast, and pork loin. What types of dishes do you like to cook in a crock pot? Leave your comments below.

Roast in Slow Cooker

Amazon | Source

About the Author

Melinda Longoria, MSM has sold maternity clothes online since 2012, has three beautiful children, and has helped many other moms with their questions on her successful Facebook fanpage, Maternity Clothes Online, which has over 920 followers. Please feel free to post your comments and questions about this product in the below comment box.

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Do you currently own a crock pot? Are you looking for a crock pot in the range of $25? Do you have any crock pock recipes that you can share with our followers? What about easy fix it & leave it supper ideas using a crock pot?


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    • Melinda Longoria profile image

      Melinda Longoria, MSM 3 years ago from Garland, Texas

      Bullybuc & HaydenAlexander, thank you both for your comments. :-) Sincerely, Mel

    • HaydenAlexander profile image

      HaydenAlexander 3 years ago

      One of the best, if not THE best, in the lower price range.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      That's what we have, and I is a good one.