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Best Washer and Dryer Reviews 2016

Updated on February 19, 2016

Nobody enjoys doing the laundry. A good washer dryer combo is all about getting the job done as conveniently and quickly as possible.

In best washer and dryer reviews 2016 we will look at some very good washer and dryer machines. Determining which one is best for you depends on your budget and your lifestyle.

When it comes to the brand of a combo washing machine dryer, I recommend LG. They just seem to be a little ahead of the competition, value wise.

When shopping for a washer and dryer I recommend not just looking for the cheapest option. The problem with the cheaper ones is that they lose the ability to completely dry your clothes after a while.

Top washer and dryer 2016
Top washer and dryer 2016

LG WM3987HW 27in Front Load Washer/Dryer Combo

The LG WM3987HW is our number one pick as best premium washer and dryer of 2016.

At 4.2 Cu.Ft it's about the same size as a normal washing machine and ideal for families of 4 or more people.

The LG gives you the option to wash, wash and dry or just dry your laundry in one machine. If your home does not have an external venting source or washer dryer hose connections this unit is the perfect one for you.

This Green Machine is energy-efficient and operates on standard 115 voltage electricity. The LG is water efficient using only 12 to14 gallons per wash. The Direct Drive Motor runs the machine quietly and efficiently.

Sometimes when I remove my clothes from the washer and dryer, the clothes still feel a little wet. It turns out that it is mostly steam which evaporates after a couple of minutes.

The LG has nine wash programs: sanitary, cotton/towels, normal, permanent press, delicates, and wool/silk, hand wash, speed wash and drain spin. Conveniently, the SenseCLean and SenseDry system adjusts the water, wash, dry time and temperature for you. I appreciate the LG’s multiple functions; I just wish it had the option to fold the laundry.

Best selling washer and dryer
Best selling washer and dryer

LG WM3431HW 24", 2.44 Cu. Ft. Washer/Dryer Combo (White)

This washer and dryer is similar to the one reviewed above, only smaller and cheaper.

The idea with this product is that you set it up and then leave it to run. It is therefor not as fast as some of the other washer and dryers on the market.

The door on this LG has a child lock on it. That is a little annoying if you don't have any children.

To avoid wrinkles with larger items like jeans reduce the size of the drying load.

Despite it's minor shortcomings the LG WM3431HW is a good option for smaller families of say 3 people.

Speed Queen Stacked Electric Washer/Dryer ATE50

The Speed Queen Stacked Electric Washer/Dryer is the perfect answer to the limited space issue. It offers the function ability of a durable full-size washer and dryer that fits the space of one machine. This stackable combo was initially built for commercial use. You receive commercial features like; a heavy-duty 220 CFM exhaust fan for the dryer and extra-large capacity washers.

The multifunctional extra rinse switch allows you to remove more soap (for detergent sensitive skin), ground in dirt and odors. The Speed Queen allows you to spend less time on the laundry because of its speed. The 300G-Force extracts more water quickly and has airflow of 220 cu. ft per minute. The huge 7.0 Cu ft Cylinder gives you more tumble room.

The Speed Queen's seven cycles allows you to obtain the maximum life out of your clothing. You can choose the regular cycle for work clothes, perm press for synthetics, delicates for hand-washables, rinse & spin for quicker rinse, spin only to extract water from items and off. There are four wash/rinse temperatures; hot wash/cold rinse, warm wash/warm rinse, warm wash/cold rinse and cold wash/cold rinse. The asterisk marked on the machine will show the setting to use less energy. The Speed Queen Stacked Electric Washer based on the commercial functions and size is best for a larger family or business.

I hope you found what you where looking for in best washer and dryer reviews 2016.

Frigidaire FEX831FS Washer/Dryer Combo

The Frigidaire FEX831FS is a stacked washer and dryer. It is the ideal size for an apartment or small home. The 2.7 Cu. Ft. washer and 5.7 Cu Ft dryer fits neatly into any corner with a sink. The dryer does take a little longer, but it definitely beat the price of going to the Laundromat.

For fresher and whiter whites the Frigidaire Advanced Rinse technology adds fresh water to the rinse cycle. It also efficiently dries by pulling large amounts of air from the drum in the back and dispersing it evenly among the load.

The Frigidaire washer is a large capacity unit with eight wash cycles. The bleach dispenser was conveniently added to avoid bleach spots. The self cleaning filter is a pretty clever feature. It is also both water and energy-efficient. I would recommend this washer/dryer to any individual just starting out in a small house or apartment because of its convenience and efficiency.

HWD1500 13.2 lb Capacity Ventless Front Load Washer / Dryer Combo

The Haier Ventless Washer /Dryer does not require any venting making it perfect for the small family with limited space. The unit conveniently allows you to adjust the leveling legs and to view the LCD display while programming the unit or checking the cycle.

The HWD1500 makes it possible for you to set it and forget it. You can put in your dirty laundry, program the settings and return to a clean, fresh and dry load. The unit has automatic wash selections and rinse temperatures. The eleven economical fabric care wash cycles extends the life of your clothes. The four dryer setting adapts to your laundry needs.

The dryer is cleverly designed to condense the moisture allowing it to be released into the sink drain. The HWD1500 is considered to be Energy Star rated because of the special settings that automatically switches from wash to dry.  I think this combo is ideal for the busy family with a high laundry demand.


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    • skobytube profile image

      skobytube 6 years ago from CA

      Price: $1,599.00

      it is too expensive for me...

      I think samsung is better then LG, and Haier is the best ever used:)

    • profile image

      JB 7 years ago

      We used the machines with a washer and dryer in one in Korea. They are standard there. Not that great compared with the machines available in North America and Europe. It did get moldy unless left open to dry overnight. The barrel was the size of a washer, so it was an inefficient dryer overall. The wash and dry function took at least three hours, often four. We hung our clothes to dry most of the time.

    • Shelvajay profile image

      Shelvajay 7 years ago from If You Know Me Personally, You Know Where I Am...

      I recently purchased a Samsung Front Loader washer and dryer, and they both are all tricked out! I wonder how come that did not make the list of recommendations? Perhaps because I purchased mine in 2010, but I highly recommend that brand, they are stylish and economical! I wonder what took me so long to make that purchase? But this is a good read, I will recommend what you've posted, for those friends of mine who are shopping around for laundry updates in 2011.

    • profile image

      RAGGADEEANN 7 years ago

      it just seem like something is wrong with your clothes being washed and dried in the same machine. I would think water and heat in a machine like the combo would = mold. I have used the best washers and dryers I could afford,now I own maytag, for 35 years.I'm looking to buy front loaders but I'm kind of worried about the future of these machine. I'm waiting to hear from someone that these machine have all been recalled or that they are not saving energy or water,something. If I do buy one anyone know what is the best one,and cheepest.But the best one first. Thanks

    • SteveoMc profile image

      SteveoMc 7 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      I am preparing a hub just about like this one, I won't be recommending a combination machine at all,, unless space is a commodity. I don't think most people here want to wait until the whole thing is done before doing another load. Anyway, nice review of potential winners though.