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Best Wine Bottle Openers

Updated on December 3, 2012

The best wine bottle openers are the ones you can use quickly and easily. You have a bottle of wine, but it is corked and there really only is one way to actually get to the wine to drink it, and that is with a wine bottle opener.

No that is not as dumb as it sounds! You really can't open a bottle any other way - trust me I have tried. You can sit with a screwdriver and try, but all that will happen is that the cork breaks up and contaminates the wine.

Now there are several different types of wine bottle openers.

The cheapest is just a spiral metallic end with a handle. You screw the spiral into the cork, then pull and you will need brute force to pull it out. This is fine if you are young and fit and possess the strength needed.

Yet others have a lever so that once the spiral end is inserted, you can use the edges of the bottle to lever the cork out. This is less work that the first option, but still difficult, if not impossible, for the elderly or infirm.

Then we have the type than once inserted all you have to do is pull the handles on both sides down at the same time, and the cork pops out. Out of all the cheaper types of wine bottle openers, this is probably the most practical as it is easy to use.

Electric wine bottle openers make light work of opening bottles, and for people who entertain a lot, this would be the bottle opener of choice.

Oster Electric Wine-Bottle Opener
Oster Electric Wine-Bottle Opener

The Oster Electric Wine-Bottle Opener is understandably the top seller at Amazon. This has got to one of the best wine bottle openers ever for not only its simplicityy of use, but for its affordability!

Product Features

  • Cordless electric bottle opener removes the cork in seconds
  • Opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge; simple push-button operation
  • Foil cutter for easily removing seals; comfortable soft-grip handle
  • Sleek, sophisticated design; recharging base included
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

What a great buy! You can carry this electric wine bottle opener to wherever the people are at your party, indoors or out. No need for an electric point to plug it in, no wires, no fuss. Simply place it over your bottle and press a button. Cork comes out and you get down to the serious job of drinking the contents!

Buy 2 if you entertain a lot and regularly use more than 30 bottles of wine in one sitting. That way you can always have one on charge, should the first one run out of power.

Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller
Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller

This is the exact same Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener as above but with a Wine Chiller too!

This would make a great Christmas or other occasion gift as well!

As well as purchasing a fantastic cordless wine bottle opener, which if you read the customer reviews through on Amazon you will realise is a great buy, you also get an electric wine chiller too.

Halfway through a dinner party you may realise the chilled wine is getting low.

With the electric wine chiller you can quickly and easily chill a fresh bottle - this is a much better idea that placing the bottle into the freezer for a quick chill.

I've done that before and forgotten about it.

The result is the bottle and its contents freeze, then explode.

Avoid that scenario by buying the Oster 4208 Inspire Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller.

Cork Pops Original Wine Bottle Opener
Cork Pops Original Wine Bottle Opener

The Cork Pops Original Wine Bottle Opener works with gas cartridges to open the bottles.

Incredibly easy to use, you simply insert the cartridge that comes with it into the bottle opener and press the needle of the bottle opener all the way to the end of the cork, press the button and the cork literally pops out!

Product Features

  • Comes with a cartridge that will open approximately 60 bottles of wine
  • Does not affect the flavor of the wine
  • Refill cartridges available
  • Easy to clean
  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Cartridge replacements can easily be bought for the Cork Pops Original Wine Bottle Opener, though you'll have a open a fair number of wine bottles before you use up a cartridge at all.

True Fabrications Nautilus Wine Opener Set
True Fabrications Nautilus Wine Opener Set

The True Fabrications Nautilus Wine Opener Set is a manual wine bottle opener, but designed in such a way to make it super-easy to use, especially for those of us with weaker hands and wrists.

The grip is natural and comfortable to hold, and makes opening wine bottles extremely easy.

If you read the reviews through at Amazon, almost everyone agreed that this is a super little wine bottle opener. One person said they found it awkward and unnatural, as well as lightweight and not especially fit for the purpose.

Certainly from looking at the photos, it looks like a very nice and practical wine bottle opener.

To be honest I haven't tried it so can't say for certain.

What is worth remembering if you are considering buying the True Fabrications Nautilus Wine Opener Set is that everyone else who reviewed it, raved about it. This suggests it really is as good as it says on the packaging.

Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Tool Kit, Silver
Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Tool Kit, Silver

According to the buyer reviews at Amazon, you are either going to love or hate this device. The Metrokane Rabbit Wine Opener Tool Kit comes in a presentation box with loads of the spare parts that wear out after a lot of use.

Those who love it say it is fantastic, and maybe they were lucky enough to get a good product that does what it is supposed to.

Quite a lot of reviewers said it broke easily and at the price it sells for, this shouldn't happen.

However, on the plus side, it does come with a 10 year warranty so the company should replace yours if it breaks after a short time.

Product Features

  • Striking, easy-to-use, powerful device pulls wine cork in 3 seconds
  • Ruggedly constructed of polycarbonate and reinforced nylon
  • Foilcutter, drip-stop ring, bottle sealer, wax remover, and extra worm included
  • All items fit into covered storage case, suitable for gift-giving
  • 10-year warranty

Amco Swing-A-Way 757BK Wing Corkscrew, Black
Amco Swing-A-Way 757BK Wing Corkscrew, Black

The Amco Swing-A-Way 757BK Wing Corkscrew has the traditional corkscrew wine bottle opener design that we are all used to seeing.

Nothing fancy, just a good, solidly-constructed manual wine bottle opener that will last for years and years.

Product Features

  • Spiral made of hardened steel
  • For use on traditional and synthetic corks
  • 5-year warranty
  • Dishwasher safe

One of Amazon's top sellers, this will make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.

Every home should have a good manual win bottle opener in standby.

You never know when your electric or other type of wine bottle opener will fail (power cuts?).

You know that the Amco Swing-A-Way 757BK Wing Corkscrew will always come to the rescue in an emergency situation.

While you are looking at wine bottle openers, did you know that you can buy your wine at Amazon?

Selling at very reasonable prices, you can have your wine delivered to your doorstep which is incredibly convenient during busy shopping periods like Christmas and New Year.

Choose from packs of six bottles with different good wines to complement any occasion, to Christmas wine gifts that be delivered directly to the recipient's door with a personalized card from you. The box contains 2 x Pinot Grigio, 2 x Cotes du Rhone and 2 x Reisling.

There is even a New Year celebration pack of sparkling wines that are ideal for any party! With Spanish Cava, Italian Prosecco and French sparkling wine, bring an international flavor to your table.

You may even want to consider buying dedicated wine cooler which would be great to use all year round.

The Danby DWC350BLPA 3.2 Cu. Ft. Wine Cooler is a free-standing black wine cooler with slide out shelving, shatter-proof tempered glass frontage for easy viewing, an interior light. Super 35 bottle capacity and reversible door.


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    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 6 years ago from UK


    • Nicolas Simons profile image

      Nicolas Simons 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Really great selection of wine bottle openers. Like the sleek and elegant design.

    • profile image

      funky23 6 years ago from Deutschland

      really good

    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 7 years ago from UK

      I was quite amazed myself that they have such a great and affordable selection!

    • chspublish profile image

      chspublish 7 years ago from Ireland

      Wow! Didn't know there was such a choice out there. Great stuff here. Thanks IzzyM

    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 7 years ago from Midwest USA

      Thanks will do, you like wise

    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 7 years ago from UK

      Ah but the good thing about being a teacher is the holidays, so she'll be off work over the season! Have a great one the two of you!

    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 7 years ago from Midwest USA

      Oh yeah, she sleeps like a baby. A couple of glasses and she is out like a light.

      After teaching math all day to high school students I think can we blame her?

      Make it a great holiday season, merry Christmas and happy new year. Mike

    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 7 years ago from UK

      Send her off to sleep, does it? Must admit wine does that to me too!

    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 7 years ago from Midwest USA

      Hum a couple bottles of wine, how about a nice warm flannel night gown as well.

      Thanks for the info. Mike

    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 7 years ago from UK

      Thanks Mike and best wishes to you and yours as well. I think your wife would be tempted to kill you if you put a wine bottle opener under the tree - but you could slip it in as an extra gift (with a couple of bottles of wine too).

    • Teddletonmr profile image

      Mike Teddleton 7 years ago from Midwest USA

      Izzym your hub Best Wine Bottle Openers - Great Christmas Gifts is just in time to help.

      As our wine bottle opener had a mechanical malfunction and needs replacing.

      Do you think my wife will mind getting a wine bottle opener under the tree?

      Hub up and useful, thanks for the information merry Christmas and have a happy new year.

      Best wishes for you and yours. Mike