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Best salt water pool chlorinator review The Compu Pool Infinity Series

Updated on July 4, 2016

My experience with Compu Pool Products

Welcome to my Hub about "Compu Pool Products" and experiences with their salt water chlorine generator systems. This Hub aims to provide a summary of the brand, my experience over the years and finally a basic overview of our homes latest Compu Pool product, the Infinity 40 series of salt water chlorinators.

For over 20 years our family has been pool owners and for the most part i have been the main one responsible for its maintenance and recently, about a year ago we invested in a new salt water chlorinator system, The Infinity 40 by Compu Pool Products. The unit has been working great since its installation and with no problems, mainly because its a self cleaning unit. And it was because of that fact i decided to share my experience on Hub pages as well as provide a quick review of the product since on the reviews have all been mostly negative, however it has never been my experience with the brand. And it was also about the same time i realized our family have been a loyal customer of Compu Pool Products since our pool was built.

With my bias in mind lets begin with my experience with Compu Pool products. Our first Compu Pool chlorinator system came as a package i think when we had our in-ground pool built. The pool is a 40,000 gallon kidney shaped salt water pool with a built in spa. And the chlorinator system was a Compu Pool CPSC series, which is a mechanical and analogue system. It was a great system and lasted us over 10 years however during that time we did have a few issues with the unit. About twice we had to get the electrical wiring repaired, not surprising, since it was only housed in a metal box. And what finally done it in was also an electronic issue and i can only attribute that to the unit being exposed outside and roaches etc finding their way inside the housing.

We also replace the Electrolytic Cell twice in that time frame and was quite normal for the cell units back then. All in all it caused little issue especially since we also had a pool guy come and maintain the pool once a month or so.

Below is a photo of a CPSC series which is similar to the one we had, the mechanics and wiring were some what exposed backed then, but now with the new plastic housing. critters or the elements should not be an issue again.

Compu Pool CPSC Salt Water Chlorinator Generator
Compu Pool CPSC Salt Water Chlorinator Generator

Following the Compu Pool CPSC unit and after 10 years plus of use we purchased the up graded model, a CPX series. the main reason was two fold. First the CPSC unit was not worth repairing in terms of labor cost and the new CPX was a self cleaning model thus negating the need for us to buy hydrochloric acid to clean the chlorine electrolytic cells bi-weekly. That in it self was a god send and reduced maintenance dramatically. It also reduce the need for a pool guy and we reduce the service to quarterly or when trouble shooting was needed.

We purchased the Compu Pool CPX series model salt chlorine generator in early 2009, and was in use for 6 years until 2015. The reason we replace the CPX unit, was because one of the copper sockets connecting to the Electrolytic Cell to the power cord failed causing it to rust and leak salt water, This resulted in no chlorine being produced.

Again the decision to replace the system was based on cost. The price of a replacement cell was just a few hundred dollars less then it was for an entire new unit and the ungraded Infinity series system from Amazon. So not wanting to risk using the old CPX power module with a new cell we just replaced the entire unit. I am still confident the power module would have last another 6 years.

The old CPX unit was sold on ebay for about $100 to a electrical engineer who wanted to fix the leader and rusted sockets as he could source them and knew how. For us the sale off set the purchase of an upgraded Infinity series salt chlorine generator. We installed the Infinity unit ourselves and one year on with no problems.

Below i have provided a quick overview and background of The company, "Compu Pool Products", Its and Australian business and their products are made in Australia. Check out their Koala logo too.

About Compu Pool

Founded in 1979 in Australia, "Compu Pool Products" introduced its first salt water pool chlorine generator the "Compu-Chlor salt water chlorinator" which quickly gained a reputation for its reliability and superior after sales support. Now 30 years later and building on from it success and investing heavily in R&D, Compu Pool Products is one of the largest manufactures of salt water chlorinator systems in the world.

Compu Pool product range now consists of a line of products that will meet all your pool and spa's needs. They are carefully designed to guarantee the comfort and security of swimmers, and for easy maintenance, installation and provide long term pool and spa water quality.

The company's business philosophy is to back the highest quality products with excellent service, warranty support and staff training. This has resulted in the company expanding nationwide in Australia, networks throughout in North America as well as a presence in 32 countries around the world.

Compu Pool Products are still Australian made and operates out of 3 manufacturing facilities all located on the Gold Coast, Australia. Yes! Thats the same city where Johnny Depp's dogs had a run in with those Aussies while filming of the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie in 2015.

Nothing to do with Pools but i thought it get a few laughs - Johnny Depp's Dogs Angers Aussies on Jimmy Kimmel

The Infinity Series is Compu Pool's latest salt water chlorine generator

The Infinity Series is Compu Pool Product's latest salt water chlorine generator. With it's sleek design, new cooling technology and easy user OLED interface, the Infinity unit is the only generator you will ever need to keep your pool crystal clear all season long.

Note: Each model is named based on the size of the pool or spa it was designed to service. For example the "Infinity 40" is ideal for a kidney bean shape pool with a capacity of 40,000 gallons.

Infinity Models Series Include:

  • Infinity-15
  • Infinity-25
  • Infinity-40
  • Infinity-60

All Infinity Models have a 3 year warranty, 2 full, 3rd year pro-rated.

Infinity Compu Pool Salt Water Chlorinator
Infinity Compu Pool Salt Water Chlorinator

Features of the Infinity Series Chlorine Generator

In the box you receive:

  • The Power module or controls unit
  • Chlorine generator electrolytic cell module
  • Users Manual

Useful Features:

  • Manual Override
  • Salinity Test
  • Water Fault
  • Super Chlorination
  • Winter Mode
  • Clock & Timer

Using the Compu Pool Infinity Salt Water Chlorine Generator

The Infinity Series Saltwater Chlorine Generator model like the CPX series is easy to use and install. The user manual provides simple installation instructions or this can be done by a handyman. The electrolytic cell unit is quite unique in the upgraded models now too featuring, a three way flow design, which allows install in various configuration depending on how your current piping or system set up.

The control panel is a LED interface with a number of key functions. And after installation all its needed is to set the internal clock time and if you wish schedule on/off periods using the timer function. There are clear instructions to do so but it does take a few goes to work out the right buttons. Once done your good to go and all that's needed is regular weekly or bi weekly task, such as cleaning out leaves and the mechanical filter and check salt levels especially after it rains and buffer levels. You should have a green free pool.

Above lists few useful features from the Infinity which are the essential one and ones i find most useful:

  • Manual Override

Used to turn on/off the timer so that you can turn the pump on without chorine generatoion.

  • Salinity Test

Indicates if salt levels are low or high.

  • Water Fault

Indicates no water is reaching the cell unit or low salt and thus no chlorine is produced.

  • Super Chlorination

Used to when you have a lot of swimmer in the pool and after rains when a large amount of pruifcation is needed.

  • Winter Mode

Used during winter times or when the pool is not in use to reduce chlorine generation to 50%. This can also be done manually to various percentages. We like to keeps our running at 75-80% to keep power use down.

How to clean a Compu pool Salt Generator Cell

Final thoughts on the Compu Pool Infinity Saltwater Chorinlator

For the last 20 years or so we have used Compu Pool products salt water chlorinator systems, having owned all three models, The CPSC, The CPX and now the Infinity series i am glad we have been loyal to the brand. while there has been issues with each model however reflecting back on the experience i can only attribute them to normal wear and tear or mis-use due to my own lack on knowledge. Granted i am sure there are and always will be faulty units as is with any consumer products and we have been luck enough to have not purchased one of those. The factory warranty will cover any faulty units purchased and my only suggestion is be sure to purchase one from a reliable dealer or supplier who should be able to resolve the issue for you.

My final thoughts is that Compu Pool Products are a good brand and they produce quality products that are value for money. Regarding a few of the negative comments on I can only comment that i had no such issue after we purchased our last two models online but for the issues with the cell module that resulted in us replacing the unit which happened about 5 years after the purchase. I was told by a pool guy that they normally last only 5-6 years before they need replacement so i was prepared. However our earlier models which was the non self cleaning models lasted over that time frame maybe close to 10 years. So for our current Infinity unit i anticipate it last between 5 to 6 years, the cell anyway. The power module should have a longer life. That works out cost wise about $100-150 a year. Not bad and good value for money.

5 stars for The Compu Pool's Infinity Salt Water Chorinlator

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