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Best single cup coffee maker reviews 2016

Updated on November 4, 2015

Single cup coffee makers are a great solution for one or two people living together with a 2-3 cup habit a day. Especially if you drink different types of coffee. It's much faster to use and not as wasteful as traditional coffee makers.

Even the best gourmet coffee from the more expensive coffee makers, is much cheaper than buying your coffee from Star Bucks.

In this article we will first look at 2 premium single cup coffee makers and then we will review a great cheap alternative.

B60 control panel - single cup coffee maker 2016
B60 control panel - single cup coffee maker 2016

Premium single cup coffee maker

The idea with these coffee makers is to use these k-cups. You open the k-cup, you pop it in the machine and you have a great cup of coffee in no time. The k-cups don't just come in many different flavors of coffee you also get teas, hot chocolate and espressos.

You don't have to use the k-cups you can buy a reusable filter(like the one on the right) and drink your preferred blend. Also it only takes 30 seconds to rinse out the filter and you don't have to do it every time.

There are a few of these Keuring single cup coffee makers, but in my opinion the B60 is the best model. It is the only one that allows you to brew 3 cup sizes of coffee 5.25, 7.25, and 9.25oz.

Of all the coffee makers we have reviewed the B60 is the fastest, making it a great option for office use.

I also like the B60's style, it has a nice chrome handle and looks very modern and classy.

With the B60 you can either go with the standard 192-degree Fahrenheit water in your coffee or change it to suit your preference.

When you compare the B30 to the B60 it is a much smaller unit. Having a smaller coffee maker helps if you have a small kitchen.

It does runs slower, it takes 3 minutes to make a cup, but also more quietly. Which is good if you don't like noise in the morning.

The B60 is a very simple k-cup maker to use, basically just the one button.

It is about 20 dollars cheaper than the B60. The B30 turns itself off after making a cup, so it doesn't waste electricity.

Black & Decker

This is an inexpensive product, but it's quite a good fast coffee maker. The unit comes with it's own travel coffee mug, which I found to be very convenient. Also it has a reusable filter which is easy to clean. You don't always have to clean the filter between cups, but it rinses clean easily.

You can vary the size of the cup you make by changing the amount of coffee and water you use. So you can get the exact right coffee every time.

There are cheaper coffee makers than the Black & Decker, but they tend to break down regularly. If you want a cheap single cup coffee maker this is the one you need.

Single cup coffee makers review
Single cup coffee makers review
Best single cup coffee makers 2016
Best single cup coffee makers 2016
Best single cup coffee maker reviews
Best single cup coffee maker reviews
Just pop it in easy k-cup 2016
Just pop it in easy k-cup 2016


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