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Big Poop, Tiny House

Updated on March 26, 2016

What Percentage of a Tiny House is Toilet?

Everybody Poops
Everybody Poops | Source

Because Poop is Important

I've been doing research lately on tiny houses, the ins and outs, what to expect, and the various ways to go about living Fun Sized.

One of the major things I had questions about are bathrooms. Okay, maybe not really the bathrooms themselves...Mostly just the toilet.

More or less, it comes down to four main options.

1. Traditional toilet, hooked up to "The System"
2. Semi off the grid tank, that you empty periodically (most RVs feature this)
3. Composting toilet (often they look like amazing little spaceships for your crap)
4. Bucket of sawdust.

...I shit you not, "bucket of sawdust" is actually a real, totally viable option. More on this in a moment. First, lets crack this log down a little.

Hooking up to The System gives you exactly what you have in almost all suburban houses. You end up on municipal water, and your poop is magically transported away from you so you never have to think of it again. Never mind the 10,000,000,000 gallons of water that is flushed yearly in the US alone... It's magic, and it's gone, leaving us with the option of wilful ignorance.

The major thing people seem to note when discussing being on the grid, be it with the plumbing or the electrical, is simply that their Tiny Home must become stationary. Many tiny houses are built on a trailer, with the intention of being able to travel - being on the grid complicates or ends that dream.

Enter the Tank.

Similar to being on the grid, you simply flush away that concentrated evil what comes out the back of you. However, instead of magically transporting far, far away from you, it simply lurks nearby in what they call a "waste water tank" that you eventually have to empty. The emptying of such a tank is done at designated tank emptying stations, which can be tricky to find/messy to do. Not the most pleasant option, BUT you do end up being able to remain mobile!

If this isn't green enough, you can go the route of the Composting Toilet. For a pants-soilingly high price (we're talking 20%-60% of the cost of the ENTIRE house itself) you can get these fancy ass Composting Toilets that take up quite a bit of space but can give you the illusion of a normal toilet. They don't even stink!

As long as you periodically add a pack of bacteria and a cup of sawdust, you'll be sitting pretty.
In a matter of weeks, you end up with a drawer under your house full of garden ready soil that can then be spread in your garden (even on food plants, apparently!).


The moment you've probably been waiting for...

Bucket of sawdust.

No, really, I'm serious.

You can literally have a bucket, with a toilet seat built around it, that is full of sawdust and does more or less the same thing as a composting toilet, for around $50.

Now, if I've ever been accused of being a princess, it was most certainly the self rescuing type of princess. I think the cheapest, no frills, super functional option is the side that I currently lean toward.

How about you? Could you handle dealing with a bucket, or would you rather go the Magical Disappearing Poop route?


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