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Commercial & Outdoor Cookwares | Plus, Propane Gas Stoves for Outdoor Cooking

Updated on June 29, 2014

In most Oriental, Asian and African Culture there's always lots of cooking going on. As we are a very giving culture, not only do we cook for our guest(s), we even go as far as making more than enough should the guest(s) ever need to take some of the food along, talk about western hospitality.

So with all this cooking, one will definitely need to have a pot (cookware) big enough to cook for say, 20 to 30 guests (about 50 guests, American standard). Well, most cookware out there are not big enough for the job, so you have to seek out those that are designed specially for catering to your large audience.

Recently, I needed such a cookware for a cooking assignment that I volunteered for. I was to cook for a party of fifty, and I didn't have a pot big enough for the job. So, I went looking, and I manage to find a couple of those giant cookware big enough to cook for a party of 30 to 50. Here are some of my finds:


What's size cookware do you consider big?

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100 Quart Cookware/Stock Pot

Precise Stainless Steel Cookware - This brand of cookware are very popular, and also durable. With the heavy gauge surgical stainless steel material, this brand promises you'll get a lifetime wear-and-tear out of their cookware. Includes a stainless steel wire rack, and can steam cook with minimum water. Comes in 30, 42, and 65 Qt. sizes with a limited lifetime warranty. Prices are usually between $250 to over $700.

Win-ware Professional Aluminum Stockpot - This cookware/Stockpot brand comes in 24, 32, and 40 Qt. sizes. It is made of heavy weight aluminum with reinforced rim.

Atlas Aluminum Stock Pot - This cookware/stockpot brand comes in 40, 60, 80, and100 Quart. It is made of very heavy, 3/16" thick aluminum with a thick base for superior thermal conductivity and long lasting performance. Note - Cover may be sold separately.

MissionRS Mfg. - This is another family of cookware and stockpot brand that I find to be worth investing on. You'll find cookware/stockpot sizes ranging from 12 qt. to 100 qt. in this brand, with prices ranging from $106 to over $300. The cookware are made of medium to heavy duty aluminum, and come with the lid.

King Kooker - This is another brand of Heavy Duty Aluminum Pot. This is a boiling pot, which makes it ideal for boiling rice. It comes in 160 quart size, with its own lid. It features heavy-duty construction and includes a quality punched aluminum basket that makes it great for boiling and steaming. Cost around $219 or more.


65 Quart Dutch Ovens and Stock Pots

So now, I'm out shopping around, trying to find not just a big pot, but a durable one too, I stumbled upon a number of cookware that are just fitting for what I would call, the Nigerian cooking style. And I thought, there might just be someone out there who will at one point realize they need to buy some big pot and not know where. This might just help, should they stumble on my hub.

When you have to cook for a large number of people, you want a cookware that can do the job once, so you don't have to cook the same meal multiple number of times, like I did. Because that takes away from the consistency of the food quality.

Any cookware that's big enough to cook for over 20 to 30 people will do. Say, between 60 to 100 Quart size cookware. These types of cookware are found in brick-and-mortar stores that cater to restaurants and are usually very expensive.

Though there are online merchants that carry a variety of these pots, the shipping cost can range from $30 - over $50 dollars. But here are a few that I found on Amazon that will do the job, but definitely not put a hole in your pocket.


Propane Gas Cooker

Why would you need an outdoor stove? Well, if you live in an apartment building, don't even consider it. But if you own your own home and it will not be deemed a violation of some neighborhood rule for you to cook outside, like in your backyard, then you might consider buying an outdoor stove.

You see, cooking for a big crowd is not what your indoor stove is designed for, unless you have one of those restaurant type stove that's designed to accommodate a big pot with over 24" in diameter, then cooking on an outdoor stove is the way to go. Most single burner outdoor stoves can accommodate any size pot.

Plus, you never know when you'll have a black-out. It's always good to have one of these around the house, just in case the electricity goes out, and you need a way to cook your meals. So, invest in a couple of these, and you're good to go.


The Benefits of Cooking On Outdoor Stoves

When it comes to barbecuing, you almost always have to cook outdoor. But outdoor cooking is not just limited to barbecuing. You can deep-fry a whole turkey in a cookware designed especially for that using an outdoor propane style cooking. There are countless of other meals that can be prepared outdoor on a propane stove, especially if one is cooking for a crowd, outdoor cooking may be your only option. Plus, there are other benefits to cooking outdoor with propane stoves. Here are a few of them:

  • Outdoor stove gives you the versatility of being able to conveniently cook your meal outdoor, leaving your home smoke-free.
  • Cooking with an outdoor stove also helps to prevent the hazards of cooking around family members, such as, accidental burns etc.
  • Another advantage of using an outdoor stove is the control it gives you at the ground eye-level of cooking (you can see what you're cooking) instead of the indoor stove-top type cooking that may sometimes require the use of a stool (if you're short like me), which can sometimes make you accident prone.


Other Accessories Needed With Use Of An Outdoor Stove/Burner

To use an outdoor stove/burner you will definitely need to invest in other outdoor cooking accessories, such as, propane cylinders. This will supply the flow of propane gas to the stove. You will also have the need for outdoor cooking type spoons, and spatulas with longer stem. This is especially useful for when turning and flipping food while frying or barbecuing..

Caution: Outdoor cooking with propane gas stove can expose you to live flames, so be extra careful as you move around, and keep children away from the cooking vicinity.


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Author: Comfort Babatola - © 2013


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