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Birdcage Planters

Updated on February 18, 2015

Decorative Birdcages for the Home & Garden

My little metal decorative birdcage.  I like the birdcage decorating trend!
My little metal decorative birdcage. I like the birdcage decorating trend! | Source

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Seedlings started in eggshells--perfect for a birdcage planter!
Seedlings started in eggshells--perfect for a birdcage planter! | Source

Birdcages are one of this year's hottest decorating trends. And repurposing birdcages as containers for plants and flowers is one of the simplest ways to use them in the home/garden

Birdcages can easily be used like cloches to cover houseplants and specimen plants outdoors. Smaller birdcages are also easy to incorporate into centerpieces and other floral displays.

Birdcages make unique miniature "greenhouses" for displaying seedlings and small potted plants, too.

And with a little effort, they can even be turned into terrariums.

So, are you ready to include birdcages in your home and garden? It shouldn't be difficult. No matter what your style, there's probably a birdcage planter out there to fit it!

Here's my little cage for real. Cute, huh?
Here's my little cage for real. Cute, huh? | Source

Rustic Birdcages

Rustic birdcages fit many casual styles.

Hang them in the garden of your country home. Use them as planters on your beach house deck. Set them in the bay window of your quaint cottage nest.

Often rustic birdcages are delightfully distressed—just right for a relaxed look.

Birdcage Cloches

They're like hats for plants.

Cloches, also called bell jars, are used by gardeners to protect plants from pests and inclement weather, particularly damaging frost. They can also be used to increase the water moisture content in the air for seedlings, cuttings and humidity-loving houseplants like African violets.

Highly ornamental working bell jars are often made of glass; however, all sorts of objects may be used as cloches. (Mason jars and halved wine bottles come to mind.)

Caroline- Vintage Style French Bird Cage Metal Wire Cloche - French Country, Rustic, Victorian
Caroline- Vintage Style French Bird Cage Metal Wire Cloche - French Country, Rustic, Victorian
These decorative birdcages have no bottoms & are ready to use as cloches indoors or out.

If their bottoms are removed, birdcages may also be used as cloches. Although mostly ornamental, birdcages will provide some protection for plants.

Used outdoors, birdcage cloches will offer shade in hot weather and protection from ice and frost in winter. Birdcages can also protect outdoor plants from large pests like rabbits.

Used indoors, birdcage cloches are primarily ornamental, although the heavier, sturdier ones can keep cats and dogs (and even small children) from chewing houseplants and digging up the soil.

Some birdcages, like the metal birdcage cloches above, are specifically designed to be used as bell jars.

Decorative Metal, Antique Cream Birdcages - Set of 3
Decorative Metal, Antique Cream Birdcages - Set of 3
Highly ornamented birdcages in shades of white add a touch of romance, femininity and subtle elegance to the home and garden.

Birdcage Mini "Greenhouses"

Birdcages make stylish showcases for seedlings, cuttings and small potted plants.

For an eclectic display, arrange a mix of small potted plants and garden crockery. If the display includes seedlings and cuttings, be sure to set it in a sunny spot indoors or in a protected area of your garden.

Seedlings and cuttings can be started in all sorts of creative, eco-friendly containers, including newspaper pots, egg crates and eggshells. Set in pressed-paper crates or nestled in faux or found bird's nests, eggshell seedlings will look just right in a birdcage "greenhouse."

Birdcage Terrariums

Birdcage terrariums are simple to make. In fact, you can create one by simply lining a birdcage with moss and adding several potted plants. So that your terrarium will last a long time, choose plants with similar light & water requirements.

Feeling extra creative? Add one or more decorative elements like a bird's nest, faux bird or a small piece of garden pottery and you have a birdcage terrarium that's suitable for displaying indoors or, if the season (and the plants) are appropriate, great for hanging outdoors.

Vintage Birdcages


Add bright pops of color to modern interiors with wooden vintage birdcages done up in vivid hues.

For an industrial feel, strip vintage metal birdcages & spray them with metallic paint.

Other Ideas for Repurposing Birdcages

Birdcages aren't just great as planters. They'll also ideal as...

Set of 2 Decorative Antique Nesting Wire Bird Cages, Large: 22 x 13 in
Set of 2 Decorative Antique Nesting Wire Bird Cages, Large: 22 x 13 in
Store towels, toys & other household items in style.

Objects d'art

Give birdcages pride of place on a stand, armoire, entertainment center, buffet, console or in your favorite tree.

Candle Holders

Birdcages are also great for housing tea lights and assorted candle pillars.

Light fixtures

Flip birdcages upside down and repurpose them as ceiling lights. Or, drape birdcages with solar "Christmas" lights and use them to provide illumination outdoors at night.

Domes for cakes & other sweets

Round birdcages with the bottoms removed can serve as cute cupcake and cake stand covers.

Storage containers

Larger birdcages make stylish receptacles for towels, pillows, toys and more.


About the Author

The Dirt Farmer has been an active gardener for over 30 years.

She first began gardening as a child alongside her grandfather on her parents' farm.

Today, The Dirt Farmer gardens at home, volunteers at community gardens and continues to learn about gardening through the MD Master Gardener program.

Copyright © 2013 by Jill Spencer. All rights reserved.


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