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Lesser Celandine :: Birthday Flower - May 6 :: Ranunculus ficaria :: Pilewort

Updated on February 4, 2015

May 6th Birth Day Flower

Your birth day flower is the Celandine, according to the Victorians, if you were born on the 6th May.

The Celandine is associated with "Joy".

The Lesser Celandine is a member of the Ranunculus (Ranunculaceae) Family - Ranunculus ficaria .

It is a yellow, buttercup-like flower which prefers dampish and shady positions. They flower in March. If the flower's are shut, once they have bloomed, then it is a good indication that rain is imminent. They may be found blooming to the beginning of May, as this year (2010), but more usually they have finished blooming by the end of April. The leaves are edible but unsavoury. The Old English name was 'Pilewort', so you can imagine what the Old English thought they were good for!

Birth Day Flower - Celandine (Lesser)

Ranunculus ficaria (synonym Ficaria verna)
Ranunculus ficaria (synonym Ficaria verna)

Ode to Joy

Joy is the mainspring in the whole

Of endless Nature's calm rotation;

Joy moves the dazzling wheels that roll

In the great timepiece of Creation;

Joy breathes on buds, and flowers they are;

Joy beckons - suns come forth from heaven;

Joy rolls the spheres in realms afar;

Ne'er to thy glass, dim Wisdom, given



Celandine - Joy - May 6th

Birth Day Flower for 6th May - Celandine
Birth Day Flower for 6th May - Celandine

Beware Poison Lies Within!

The stems of the Lesser Celandine can be used medicinally. The constituents are:

  • Protoanemonin (toxic)
  • Anemonin (toxic)
  • Ficarin (a saponin)
  • Tannins
  • Vitamin C (abundant)

In the past, when they did not know better, Lesser Celandine was used internally to treat scurvy.

Nowadays it is generally only used externally in ointments and bath preparations for treating haemorrhoids, warts and scab.

The fresh plant should never be taken internally.

Celandine (Lesser)

Ranunculus = 'Little Frog' because many species in the group grow in marshy places.  Ficaria = 'fig', referring to the shape of the tiny tubers at it's leaf base.
Ranunculus = 'Little Frog' because many species in the group grow in marshy places. Ficaria = 'fig', referring to the shape of the tiny tubers at it's leaf base.

May 6th - Major Events

On your birth day the following major events occurred:

  • 1910 - King Edward VII of England dies
  • 1937 - Airship Hindenburg burst into flames at Lakehurst, New Jersey
  • 1945 - World War II in Europe ends
  • 1954 - Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile barrier
  • 1966 - Moors murderers (England) jailed for life
  • 1994 - Channel Tunnel (England - France) officially opened

Birthday's on May 6th

You share your birth day with:

  • 1501 - Pope Marcellus II
  • 1574 - Pope Innocent X
  • 1758 - Robespiere
  • 1856 - Sigmund Freud
  • 1895 - Rudolph Valentino
  • 1913 - Stewart Grainger
  • 1915 - George Orson Wells
  • 1931 - Willie Mays
  • 1947 - Ben Masters
  • 1953 - Tony Blair
  • 1961 - George Clooney

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