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Black Kitchen Cabinets - Making Black Cabinets Work In Your Kitchen

Updated on September 29, 2014

Black is a color that can work well when done right, but it has to be used with care in your kitchen. Here are a few ideas on how to make black kitchen cabinets work for you.

Since cabinets can take up three-fourths of the visible kitchen surfaces, you want to take care in what you mix with those cabinets to avoid having black dominate the entire setting. You may decide to simply use black as the contrasting element, and not the primary color used in the room.

Contemporary Kitchens

There are a variety of styles that black cabinets can work in. Of course, it can be part of a very contemporary high tech look. In a setting like that black provides a great contrast to steel appliances or oven tops. As another alternative you can have it combined with gray countertops or walls that gives a wonderful subdued setting.

With careful choice of lighting and the placement of the lights, especially in a kitchen that has a lot of window area for light, you will give yourself a designer look. When using black with white for the ceilings and the walls, you can give yourself a retro look.

Black and White

If you are interested in something lighter and more open looking, the use of white and black together is often found in homes. The approach in this case is to have just the two colors balance one another, and can create the focal points that you want to feature. Black for the cabinets combined with white wall and countertops is a good balance, and you can continue that balance by the use of both black and white appliances, or the occasional use of white cabinets in select spots. One approach to this is to use a large checkerboard pattern in the kitchen flooring, or similarly to do the same with the wall tile or backsplash.

Black Cabinets in Traditional Kitchens

If you want to use black cabinets, it's not necessary that you use black exclusively for the cabinets. A great idea is to use the black to create a focal point, say for an island in the kitchen, and then to use a more traditional hardwood cabinet for the remaining storage in the kitchen. This takes a somewhat more traditional kitchen setting, but adds a slight contemporary touch to the d├ęcor.

Black kitchen cabinets can make a real impression. One other advantage is that they are often not as expensive as other hardwood cabinets, since the quality of the wood grain is not as critical since they are either painted or laminated. Almost all the major cabinet manufacturers carry some black cabinets, and you can find them at the major home improvement stores as well.

Take the First Step

Maybe you aren't sure black is the right color for your kitchen cabinets or not. Or maybe you just need to step back and re-evaluate the whole project. Check out this article for more information on updating your kitchen cabinets.


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    • henry1robertson profile image

      henry1robertson 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA 90013

      Wow....Really good article...Keep doing this kind of work....

    • profile image

      Charly Greoferd 7 years ago

      Adorable!!!.. All black color are significantly outstanding. I always wanted to have a black kitchen cabinet but i'm not yet sure of what to buy. I need to discover first more things about it and the durability it will show. I have an online resource where i base on at but i need to find more. Glad i found your post, i'll make a note for this.

    • ed77burns profile image

      ed77burns 7 years ago from USA

      this article is very useful contain very useful information regarding kitchen decoration.

    • profile image

      hardwood101 8 years ago

      Was searching for "hardwood floor information", saw your hubpage. Great info on floors and floorings!

    • profile image

      Curtis 9 years ago

      Thanks for the tips, i cant wait to start on my black kitchen..... Im thinking mat black cupboards, gloss black cupboard doors with metalic handles, and black granit countertops with a hint of stars, white walls, stainless with black trim appliances, the existing floor is clay brown couloured tile. For my island to separate the kitchen from the dining room a four chair cresent island with the same granite top with raised 1" glass top to add contrast. As for the lighting I will have to continue to deside this factor but further into the project with consideration of strategic pot lights and other accentign spots. What Im worried about the brown tile floor in a black modern kitchen, what do you think please let me know