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Body Pillow Pillowcases

Updated on September 11, 2018

Body Pillow Pillowcase

Every so often, it's time to look at replacing those body pillow pillowcases. If you have updated your bedroom recently, with some fresh paint and/or color schemes, don't forget to update the bedding and pillowcases, as well. In fact, if you want to refreshen the look of your bedroom, one of the fastest and easiest ways to do this is to get some new bedding and pillowcases.

Body pillows are a hot commodity not just because they look great on a bed and really allow you to have a comfortable night's sleep, but because they can help support and alleviate undue stress on various areas of your body to help you sleep more soundly and get more productive rest.

There are some things that are universally pleasing to all of us like the smell of fresh-cut grass, the taste of our favorite yummy dessert and crawling into bed at night on new, fresh sheets and pillowcases. Ahhh - the simple pleasures in life!

We'll take a look here at some of the great body pillow pillowcases available for you on-line, from classic to funky. We'll also take a look at some great body pillows and how they can help you. Brand new pillowcases can both spruce up your space and make your bed (and you!) more comfortable.

[Images courtesy of Amazon]

Body Pillow Pillow Covers

with lots of flair and style!

This pillowcase cover will really liven things up in the bedroom! A bold, sassy zebra print can set the stage for all kinds of decorating fun!

This particular case will fit the White Cloud (down) Alternative Pillow by Sweet Sweet JoJo Designs and has those awesome double zippers to make changing a breeze! A microsuede fabric makes this design both look and feel fabulous!

Pillowcases for Comfort and Beauty

It's a good idea to keep an extra pillowcase or two on hand due to washing and keeping your bed linens as fresh and comfy as possible. Sometimes - like any other pillowcase - they just need to replaced due to normal wear and tear. The pillowcases available today come in a variety of different materials, textures and designs.

Because of the much larger size of the pillow, the best type of pillowcase is one with dual zippers. If you can un-zip two sides, it's just that much easier to slide the pillow into and get things situated. Have you ever had a fight with a pillow that didn't want to go into a pillowcase? Well I have and I hate to admit it, but the pillow usually had the upperhand! Make your life easier and look for a dual zipper.

You can choose from a wide array of colors and prints. You can pick a pilllowcase in a solid color that will coordinate easily with your existing bedding, or choose from a print to jazz up a plain or cream-colored bedspread or comforter.

Choose your favorite pillowcase material whether that be cotton, poly-blend or flannel/fleece.

Body Pillow Sham

Remember that body pillows have come a long way since the huge, completely over-sized, unattractive white pillow eyesores of the past that took up way too much room and looked downright ugly on the bed.

Now, the designs are cool and sleek. Customize your body pillow with a pillowcase or body pillow sham which adds style, class and comfort to your bed.

You can really work body pillows into the design of the room instead of fighting against it.

Like a Sham only better

Use these these body pillows with decorative pillow covers as a "backdrop" or sham behind the regular pillows on your bed. Because of the larger size of the body pillow, you can easily incorporate it into the overall look and design of your bedding.
Use these these body pillows with decorative pillow covers as a "backdrop" or sham behind the regular pillows on your bed. Because of the larger size of the body pillow, you can easily incorporate it into the overall look and design of your bedding.

Make Bed More Comfortable

There are several reasons why body pillows are so popular because of what they can do for you. There are several purposes for using a body pillow to include -

  • Providing total body comfort
  • Providing proper support for the head, neck, back and hips
  • Alleviating stress and pressure from the back, hips, legs and ankles
  • Reducing the effects of conditions that cause pain and hinder sleep such as pregnancy, chronic back pain or arthritis/joint problems

Many, many people have used body pillows to enable them to get a good night's sleep. There are pillows that allow for heat, cooling, a massaging effect and of course, support. Whether you prefer to sleep on your side or back, a body pillow can be used to give support to various stress points on your body including use between the knees and ankles.

Supporting the front and back of the body is key in correct alignment to prevent those dreaded morning body aches and pains from a bad mattress or not getting enough support for your body. How many times have you woken up in the morning with a stiff back, neck or even a headache from your uncomfortable mattress or from "laying wrong?" Perhaps a body pillow would help alleviate those aches and pains.

The great thing about shopping on-line for both your body pillows and pillowcases is because the options, selection and quality are crazy good, and you have access to consumer reviews and other details prior to making a purchase.

Different Types of Pillows

There are a lot of different body pillows used for specific conditions. If you are totally confused as to what type of pillow to get, hopefully this information can help you decide.

First of all, decide what you will be using the pillow for. Is it for a more comfy night's sleep? More body support? To help get rid of pain in your neck, legs, back, etc? Will you be using the pillow for activities other than sleeping such as sitting up in bed and reading, watching TV, working on the laptop?

As I'm sure you are aware, there are various shapes and sizes of body pillows available and some work better than others based on how you will be using the pillow.

Standard, straight body pillow Your standard, straight body pillow is mainly used for the comfort and cuddling factor. You may want to get an extra long pillow so it reaches from your head all along the body and in between your knees. This will provide overall comfort and a bit of support. These pillows do not support the back if you sleep on your side, or your sides if you sleep on your back.

"C"-shaped body pillow These are also great for providing that cuddle and comfort factor. And while they do provide support to the head, neck and knees, they are not the best choice for giving support to all sides of the body. Giving support to the body prevents all that tossing and turning during the night.

"U"-shaped body pillow These are one of the most popular type of body pillow because they provide more all-around body support. They help keep the head, neck, and knees supported, in addition to giving support to all sides of the body no matter how you sleep (side, back or tummy). Some of these body pillows are in a "U" that is smaller and focuses on the head/neck/upper body. There are also long body pillows - shaped almost like a big candy cane - that will give you the full body support.

Extra Long body pillow Choose an extra long pillow for support to your legs and ankles, in addition to using in a chair and/or for sitting upright to read or watch TV.

The "U"-shaped body pillow is recommended for helping with the following conditions -

Back Pain

Good because it crades the head/neck, aligns the spine, and goes between the knees for even better total body alignment. Provides good support in a variety of different sleep positions. Alleviates pressure on lower back.

Head/Neck Pain

U-shaped pillows work well because head doesn't roll from side to side and is well supported. A less firm pillow is usually best. Can help to align the entire spine which also helps the head/neck.

Hip Pain

U-shaped body pillows provide proper spine alignment, support hips and shoulders in various sleeping positions

Knee/Leg Pain

A straight or U-shaped body pillow can help with pain in the legs and knees due to pregnancy, arthritis, stiff joints or after a surgical procedure. By resting the legs on the pillow, it can help ease the pain by providing comfort and support to the affected areas. If the pillow is placed between the knees (or ankles), it can provide more comfort from kneecap-on-kneecap contact, and help keep your body in better alignment.


The pain associated in the joints and muscles due to these conditions can be lessened by resting on the softness of a body pillow. The pillow can help cradle the areas in question which makes you more comfortable and provides a good amount of support.

Generally speaking, the goal of a good body pillow is to keep your body aligned properly.

What happens during the night (when you think you're sleeping) is that if your body is not supported properly, you tend to toss and turn to find a comfortable sleeping position. The more you toss and turn, the more your shoulders and spine are constantly shifted in all sorts of different positons and odds are that your body is completely out of alignment because of it.

If your body is out of alignment, you wake up tired, with stiff joints, sore neck and overall, feeling pretty miserable. There are a lot of doctors and chiropracters who may recommend using a body pillow because of this shoulder shifting/spine alignment issue, but also for patients who are suffering from some sort of pain.

For arthritis or fibromyalgia or even during a rough pregnancy, body pillows can help relieve some or most of that uncomfortable muscle achiness and joint pain. When you have less pain or do less tossing and turning, you get better rest, which will only make you feel better.

U-Shaped Body Pillow

Bed Pillow Sizes

Pillow Forms, Sizes

Body pillows come in all shapes and sizes, as do the coordinating pillowcases.

The size of a standard body pillow is generally 20" wide x 54" long. You can, of course, get pillows that are more round and narrow, wider, longer or just for the upper part of your body. It all depends on your preferences and how you will be using the pillow.

Keep the size to no more than the 54" if using for kids, the elderly or if you are petite, in addition to using as a travel pillow or sitting up in bed or on the couch.

Just like a regular pillow, there are degrees of firmness including soft, medium, firm and extra firm.

Body Pillow Care Tips

To keep your pillow looking and working for you as long as possible, it pays to take good care of it.

Read the fine print and manufacturer's recommendations in terms of caring for your investment.

Most pillows can be machine washed with your everyday detergent, but there are exceptions to that rule. Some need to be dry-cleaned only or spot cleaned.

Daily (or least weekly) fluffing of body pillows is recommended for them to retain their shape. Shake the pillow from side to side and try to distribute the stuffing evenly throughout the pillow. A quick toss in the dryer on low heat will also help in your fluffing efforts.

And remember, under no circumstances should you remove the tag!! (A little pillow humor there... : )

Pillow Stuffing Materials

This is one of the things that can drive up the price of your body pillow, but it boils down to preference.

If using a particular stuffing gives you a good night's sleep, relieves pain and muscle aches, then it would be worth spending the extra money.

Pillow stuffing can be made from -

  • Memory foam (a/k/a Tempurpedic)
  • Gel Fiber - Micro Beads
  • Down
  • Feathers
  • Organic materials
  • Hypo-allergenic materials (allergen barrier)
  • Poly-fill (polyester)
  • Synthetic fillings (anti-bacterial) which help prohibit the growth of mold

It's a matter of preference and comfort, in addition to the level of firmness you like. Some stuffing materials tend to hold their shape better than others, such as shredded foam.

Comfy Body Pillows

And you thought fillings were just for pie...

You can pick and choose your "filling" based on personal preference, or comfort level.

Big, fluffy pillows contain a lot of the stuffing you like, or you can get something a little flatter, and go easy on the stuffing.

If your neck, back and overall body comfort in general is a concern, you may want to choose something that is more firm. This will support your body from any angle, and may help prevent the tossing and turning that can not only make you uncomfortable at night, but will help give you more restful, solid sleep. You can also choose a firm pillow filling material if you want to stack up pillows behind your neck and back for reading or watching TV.

But sometimes you just want to sink into the comfort of a soft, fluffy pillow to fall fast asleep, or give you a little extra pampering when you're not feeling well or when you want to linger in bed on one of those cloudy, cold days. You can snuggle up with your favorite pillow and let all the worries of the world melt away as you doze comfortably on your amazingly soft pillow.

Kids' Body Pillows

Kids love body pillows because they are so soft and comfy. The ability to cuddle and curl up with them is a big draw, too.

There are a lot of fun body pillows available for kids available in plush fabrics and pillow "pets."

Be sure to keep the size of the pillow to under 54" or the pillow will be way too big and bulky for them. Some smaller sizes for kids are around 3' long, which is just perfect.

Keep in mind that if you get yourself a body pillow, you may as well get the kids their own because if your kids are anything like mine, that soft comfy body pillow will disappear out of your room faster than lightening (like every fleece blanket I had ever owned).

Another thing to watch out for, if you have a dog, and if he's anything like my spoiled beagle, you will have to fight the dog for the pillow, as well. I don't think my cats would exactly be innocent either, but I just thought I'd mention the two important "children" and "pet" issues!

The Body Pillow

One of the most overlooked tools in remodeling your bedrooms is the use of new, crisp bedding.

By simply adding some fresh sheets and pillowcases, you can not only accent your room, but change the entire look and feel of the space. It is an easy and expensive way to add glamour, freshness and an updated look to any bedroom. And who doesn't love the feel of brand new sheets?

You can change the look and feel of your room with the seasons. You can add flannel pillow cases to give you and your room warmth. With the many prints available, you can customize the room for holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

By adding a pillow sham or skirting under the bed, you can give your bedrooms a polished, finished look without having to spend a ton of money re-decorating your rooms.

If you are a fan of home remodeling TV shows - which I am - you'll notice that one of the main things they focus on in the bedroom is the addition of fresh bedding and lots and lots of pillows.

With all of the many options available now in the body pillow line, you can not only transform your room in beauty, but in comfort, as well! And you can do this in a very short period of time in just an afternoon. Now that's my kind of decorating!

Pillow Talk

Which kind of pillow do you use?

See results

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