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Bokashi Compost for Your Home | How To Guide

Updated on May 4, 2012

Bokashi A Good Waste Compost System for Home

Do you have a small living space and suffering from inadequate kitchen waste management system? The system I am going to explain can transform your living, with foul-odour-free kitchen once and for all as well as helps you create excessively blossoming garden. As population increases there will be a scarcity of land for people . The solution is ‘Bokashi’ - a Japanese kitchen waste management system. The scarcity of land will lead to improper housing facilities. So most people are concentrating in apartments. If managed intelligently, with limited space, every family can live happily. One of the main concerns of limited living space is waste management.Improper waste management could lead lot of health problems. This complete guide to implementing a Bokashi system in your Kitchen can help you live in any small space without worrying about waste management anymore.

How To Set Up a Bokashi Compost for Your Kitchen

Setting up a Bokashi system ( Bokashi compost) is very simple. You need two things -
1. Bokashi Powder
2. Bokashi Bin
let’s see what they are, and how to use them to make your awesome new kitchen waste management system.

Getting a Bokashi Bin

A Bokashi bin looks similar to a typical waste bin we use in kitchen. In addition, it would have an air tight closing lid and a tap at its bottom. The organic waste produced in the kitchen are dumped into the this bin and closed airtight with the lid.

Bokashi mixture
Bokashi mixture
Kitchen waste for enriching soil and a blossoming garden.
Kitchen waste for enriching soil and a blossoming garden.

Dropping Bokashi Granules in the Bokashi Bin

The Bokashi granules is the secret component of Bokashi waste management system. It is a powder of wheat bran,rice ban,molasses and probiotics that breaks down food particles by pickling it . It prevents the waste from generating the rotten smell and keeps the insects away from the waste bin. Initially, before you start dumping your kitchen waste in the Bokashi bin you’ve to sprinkle the Bokashi granules to the empty bin.

Dumping the Kitchen Waste in the Bokashi Bin

Dump whatever organic waste you generate in your kitchen. After dumping the kitchen waste, sprinkle the Bokashi powder as a top layer over the waste and close the lid. Repeat, this process until the bin is full.

Draining the Compost Tea Weekly

The waste inside the bin ferments gradually and drains in liquid form at the bottom of the bin every week. This is a super healthy compost tea for your plants. Open the tap and drain the syrup to a cup and mix it with water in the ratio 1:100. This solution can be sprayed as an excellent fertilizer for plants every week.

Burying the Compost Waste on Earth

When the Bokashi bin is full. Dig a pit (deep enough to cover the compost inside the bin), in the garden and dump all the fermented compost in the pit. Cover it with a new layer of soil and make it to normal ground level. In 1 week the compost will react with the soil and transform it into humus-rich soil. This soil is highly fertilized than when you put the kitchen waste directly to the soil.


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    • NP.QUEEN profile image

      NP.QUEEN 6 years ago from Dubai

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.I hope it will be a heighly useful hub for the readers.

    • r jayanthi profile image

      r jayanthi 6 years ago from india

      Really great hub. I am sure all gardners will act upon it!