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Breakfast Nook Set

Updated on November 9, 2010

The breakfast nook set is a furniture set that belongs in the kitchen. Most modern kitchens are large enough so that there is an extension sometimes called the breakfast nook that is large enough for a table and chairs. Those pieces of furniture are what make up a breakfast nook dining set. There are many variations on the theme when it comes to the size and shape of the table, the type of seating arrangements, or the materials of construction. The large variety makes it possible to match the décor an style of any kitchen no matter what color scheme or decorating influences there may be. In order to choose the perfect breakfast nook sets, homeowners need to understand the different pieces that make up the set and the choices you can make about each.

Parts of the Breakfast Nook Set

The first, and possibly most important part of any breakfast nook table set is the table itself.  It is the single largest piece of furniture in any kitchen and naturally the eyes will be drawn there.  The only possible exception is the kitchen island furniture.  Therefore it needs to be beautiful as well as functional.  In order to be as functional as possible, though, you need to make sure it is the right size and shape and that it is made of materials that make it easy to get clean and to keep clean.  The shape of the table should match the shape of the room.  For example, if your breakfast nook looks like half of an octagon off the end of the kitchen like the one in this picture, then a round table is most appropriate.  However, if your kitchen nook is just an extension of the rectangular shaped kitchen then you can choose a square or rectangular table depending o the size of the extension. 

While wood is a beautiful choice for dining furniture, it is rather difficult to clean. The porous wood will absorb spills and stain easily. If you decide to use a wooden table, a tablecloth or table protector is necessary. Some people choose to protect their wood with a glass cover so that you can still appreciate its beauty. Other possible materials of construction that might work well are tile, glass, or polished chrome.

After you choose the perfect table, the seating arrangements need to be arranged. You can put together any combination of chairs and benches that makes sense for you and your family. Benches will seat more people if you have a large family, but they are sometimes uncomfortable for guests. Chairs are more formal if you do a lot of entertaining, but benches often come with under the seat storage, which is something every homeowner can use. Benches give you the opportunity to use a corner breakfast nook set allowing you to have a larger table, but chairs are easier to move around if you want to add seats for special occasions. There are advantages and disadvantages to using both seating choices. That is why most kitchen nooks have a combination of both.  Both chairs and benches offer the same amount of decorating opportunities and any cushions you choose for the seating should match the color scheme of the rest of the breakfast nook including valances and wall colors.

Where to Buy a Breakfast Nook Set

You can purchase this type of furniture from any furniture store whether that be a brick and mortar store, or an online retailer. However, you might have to look in the dining furniture section instead of kitchen furniture. Make sure to take measurements before you buy so that you can be sure the set will fit in your breakfast nook space comfortably. Also, check to see if the furniture will be delivered to you already assembled, or if you will have to put it together. If the job is up to you, make sure the instructions are clear and easy to understand.

Another option for buying breakfast nook furniture is to look at garage sales, auction websites, or estate sales.  Used furniture that was made years ago is sometimes better made than brand new furniture you get in today’s market.  If you can find a set in good working order, then you can refinish it so that it meets your aesthetic needs.

Refinishing a Table

One final option is to look on overstock or off spec warehouse websites.   These are businesses that buy up overstocked inventory at cheap prices or furniture that was slightly off spec and could not be sold at retail value.  These website pass much of the savings on to you making buying furniture this way very cheap.  Just be prepared for the possibility of their being flaws that will need fixing.  If you do not have the carpenter skills to handle these projects fin a friend who is because it could save you hundreds of dollars.


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