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How to Repair a Briggs & Stratton Starter Mower

Updated on August 26, 2013

Murray Riding Lawn Mower



I found several videos on Murray lawn mower Briggs and Stratton lawn mower starter repairs.

You will learn how to put together a starter whether the shaft of your starter is put together with the lock ring or the roll pin style setup.

You can find free downloadable Briggs and Stratton manuals in this article and many other resources to help you repair your Murray lawn mower and Briggs and Stratton motors.

Keeping your Murray riding mower for years requires yearly maintenance. My Murray riding mower has lasted twelve years and is still running strong. Thanks to Manuals Online.

This article will help you to repair most any Murray lawn mowers with the Briggs and Stratton motor.

Starter Diagram

How to Replace the Gear for Briggs and Stratton Starter

How to Replace the Gear for Briggs and Stratton Starter

How to replace your starter gear whether it has a snap ring or roll pin style setup.

If you have the roll pin style starter gear its easier then the starter gear with the snap ring type gear.

You will need an 8th inch punch and a hammer. Spray WD-40 on pin. This will make knocking the pin out of the shaft easier.

Nock pin out of the shaft by tapping the pin.

Remove the gear and washer from your Murray starter. Put flat side of the gear toward the starter. So the starter will turn the flywheel.

Slide your washer on and slide the cover over the shaft. Lining up the hole in order to tap in your pin.

How to Replace the Snap/lock Ring Type Starter for a Murray with Briggs and Stratton Motor

Use flat edge screwdriver to pry and remove lock ring.

Remove the metal plate spring and washer then the gear.

To Replace Murray Lawn Mower Briggs and Stratton Gear

Slip new gear on starter shaft flat side of the gear toward the starter.

Replace the spring then the washer and the metal cover.

Put a dab of grease on where the snap ring snaps in. Use plyers to replace the snap /lock ring. (Takes some patients to snap the lock ring in place)

Briggs and Stratton 2 Cylinder Motor Starter Replacement

Murray Lawn Mower Briggs and Stratton Starters

Briggs and Stratton 2 Cylinder Motor Starter Replacement

Replacement Starter for Briggs & Stratton 497596, 498148
Replace the starter on a twin cylinder for 16 hp 17 hp 17.5 hp 18 hp 19 hp 22 hp.

You can remove and replace your Briggs and Stratton starter yourself. This video shows you how easy it is to remove the starter from a Murry riding mower.

The first thing you do is remove the red wire from the terminal on your Briggs starter. Then you must have an 1/2 in wrench to unbolt the starter from flywheel.

This is where I had trouble. I could not figure out what was holding the starter on the Briggs and Stratton motor on my Murray riding lawn mower.

The bolt is hiding in a slot under the flywheel. You will see a gap under the flywheel. Turn your flywheel until you can feel the 1/2 inch bolt with your fingers.

Use your 1/2 inch wrench to remove bolt and starter at the same time.

You can repair and buy replacement parts. If your Murray has the original Briggs and Stratton starter or just replace with a starter from Amazon or eBay.

Rebuild Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower Starter

Rebuild Briggs and Stratton Lawn Mower Starter

If you are having trouble starting your Murray riding mower the first thing you should check is the spark plug and battery.

Next you will want to test your starter to see if your starter is the problem. You can use jumper cables to test your starter.

Clamp the positive end of the cable to the side bolt on the starter near the starter end cap. If the starter drags. You maybe able to clean the brushes and grease the shaft and get some more life with your starter.

If the starter makes no noise or smokes it's a goner. The easiest way and the best way to rebuild your Briggs starter is to buy the starter end cap.

Chances are on your old starter the wires and the plastic end cap melted. You could just replace the brushes but its a lot easier to just buy the end cap and the bearing come with the new end cap.


Briggs And Stratton Online Repair Manual

This article has many different resources for manuals on the Briggs & Stratton motor. Some resources are downloadable, or you can get paper back manuals.

Free Briggs & Stratton Manuals

You can find free manuals for your Briggs lawn mower motor. You can do a simple search on the site and download your manual for free. You can go on their forum and ask questions and get advice for your Brigg & Stratton motor.


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