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Brilliant Decorative Lights for Adding Creativity & Fun to Home Decor

Updated on September 12, 2014

Creative Lights for Better Mixture of Design, Practicality & Ambiance

I love the way a creative light fixture highlight the best in our living space or add some vigor to our home. To choose a unique light is sometimes effective way to create special atmosphere for our living space and still realize the harmonious mixture of design, ambiance and still practicality. With the right lights, we can light up a dark corner or create some atmospheric lighting to any room we would love. There are a lot of lights available. Now let’s have a look at some of the unique decorative lights for home decor.

Lightshare Blossom Bonsai Light for Home Decoration

The big blossom flower bonsai light can serve as a lamp at night for you to read books and still are really nice night scenery. The flower like lights just give out soft and warm light, not strong, which can bring us the sense of serenity and calm. The LED bonsai can work as real bonsai flower if you love bonsai yet have no time to take good care of the bonsai. It is really a creative LED light decoration idea. I have seen it in bars. I would love to place it on table, study rooms or kids’ room, for the light looks like an almost real flower. Just add vigor and fun.

Bonsai Light for Home Decor

Graceful Lamp Like Strange Creature

The lamp just strikes me with the idea of invasion from another mysterious world. Yes, the lamp looks really like a creature that loves to slide down a certain object that gently and weightlessly. The pendant light just gives out very graceful and soft light. I love its elegant design, sometimes just creating a image of graceful dance. Really innovative light and even nice artful item that can be placed in any corner of the house.

DIY Clouds Night Light

DIY light is now popular for one thing, which allows boosting creativity. For another, it is a money saving way for home decoration. I love the idea of creating such brilliant clouds lights, maybe for the kids or just for creating a beautiful and optimistic sight in the room. Actually, the light idea is not really hard. Just carve the main cloud shape lighting fixture out of wood with a drill, with the remaining clouds or on/off switch being carved out of thick boards. It is really adorable and creative lighting idea. The cloud with lights looks lovely and amazing.

Bottle Chandeliers

I am sure that you will love to see such bottle lights added to your next party. It’s really fascinating led lights. The fundamental layout of the light design is an is an Archimedes spiral descending inwards with LEDs inside each bottle. Still, if you are creative DIY lovers, try it and the bottle LED lights will surely be the most attractive part in your house.

Bottle Chandelier


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