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Bring Out Creativity With a Children's Play Table

Updated on November 1, 2011

A Spot For Creativity

If you have young kids, you know that they like to be creative, and kid-sized children's play table may be just what you need to allow them the freedom to turn that creativity into a masterpiece.

You probably have the crayons, scissors, glue, or whatever other supplies your little one needs to create anything he or she dreams up, but without a proper surface they may be limited.

Why a Children's Play Table?

Why does a kid need a special activity table? Well, there are a couple of good reasons.

First, a kid's table is just their size. The height of the table and the height and size of the chairs are made just for them, so they are comfortable as they work. They won't have to balance on a big chair or stool to get things done.

A small table that is made for crafts is also a resilient work surface that you don't have to worry about. It is natural for these little tables to get paint and marker on them over time. That just adds to the character of the furniture. That is not something that you can say for your dining room table, so instead of defending your primary table all the time, why not let the little artist have a workstation that is stress free for you?

Another great thing about a small kid's table is that it is light and portable. When junior wants to be creative on the patio or in the garage you can just move the table with ease. If you keep it in the kitchen it is very easy to move out of the way when not in use. They are small and light, yet strong enough to support the inevitable weight that a kid will put on them.

Uses For a Little Table

There are so many things that a kid can do with a little table and chair set. They can eat a meal at the table, paint with watercolor, draw, paste, play with play dough, and so much more. In fact, you will be very happy to have the play dough off the other furniture in the kitchen.

When friends come over the kids love to sit at their own table to eat together, and 4 kids can get around most of these tables at one time. That leaves room for the adults at the big table.

It doesn't take up must room, so go ahead bring out the creativity in your little one with a children's play table now.


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    • profile image

      PWalker281 6 years ago

      I loved having my own little table to "work on" when I was a kid, where I could spread out my paper and crayons and paint-by-number projectss and not be disturbed (until my brother came and started bothering me). It's probably why I prefer working at a desk today. Great review! Rated up and useful!