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Bug Free Home

Updated on June 19, 2013

No matter the time of your every household fears the pests that can come to visit. With pests comes germs and diseases. Having unwanted visitors doesn't mean your dirty nor your house is dirty. The dirty part is not taking the steps to get rid of the pest.

Pretty soon the farmers markets will be opening up. With that comes fresh produce(yummy) and also gnats(annoying). When produce is allowed to over ripen stay laying in the kitchen in checks the gnats for a long stay at you home. These pesky little buggers are pain and hard to get rid of. You can clean and bleach your whole house and they still be there. There is a solution. If you don't mind spraying chemicals all over your house then hit the store and by a can of bug spray. For those who prefer the more natural and safer approach vinegar will become your friend. Take a bowl that you don't mind putting vinegar and fill it with 1 part water and 2 parts vinegar. Squeeze a small amount of dish soap into the bowl and stir it. Gnats love the small of the vinegar all you have to do is let it sit there. The gnats will fly into the bowl and the dish soap will coat them so they can't fly back out. This just kills them you also have to clean the trash cans and sink drains to keep them away from those areas. I go way to clean the sink drain and bring up a bit of the crude that is lining up is to use baking soda and vinegar. We all know how to make a volcano that is what you will do to your drain.Pouring bleach down the sink does nothing because it over passes anything that is stuck to the sides. Keep up all these practices until you see that all gnats are gone. I will would still keep it up a little longer. A female gnat can produce about 300 eggs.

The next pesky bug is the roach. These little germ carriers can come from any where. You can bring them home from the store. The problem with them is they can hide anywhere which makes them hard to locate. The first you want to do is determine if the problem is big for you handle. If it is call an exterminator. The second task is to do a full house cleaning. While cleaning a couple cans of bug spray to spray any roaches that you may come across. Roaches leave eggs cases all over and they don't mind using the bathroom anywhere. The more you clean the best chance you keep from getting sick. Always make sure you keep you food areas clear and sanitizer before using them.

Since we talked about roaches being a harder pest the bedbug will be next. If you suspect having bedbugs in your home. This is a exterminator call for safety purposes. There are some home remedies sort of speak that can be used but people have lost their homes from trying them. When it comes to the beds buy a spray that list that it kills bed bugs and spray your mattress and box springs then put them in a enclosed bed cover. Tape along the zippers after you close it. This will keep any bugs that are on these two items enclosed. This will also save you from having to toss these items out. Don't open it back for a year. Bed bugs can live so long without eating. A year makes sure that they are dead. The exterminator would tell you what else you would need to do.

The last pest is your pet's worse enemy. It is the flea. Removing the pet from the home while cleaning can be a nice idea but also a bad one. The reason is the fleas have nothing to eat on. Fleas will bite humans. They go by scent and they prefer prefer people with weaken immune systems(children, elderly, and anyone with a disease). Having fleas isn't the end up the world and you can get rid of them without an exterminator. Steps to getting rid of these pesky little blood suckers it washing you pets bedding, vacuuming all floors(dispose of bag and take outside after each use), washing all your bedding and clothes in hot water because you can carry them. Want to repel this buggers from your pet and yourself? Then buy a squirt bottle and it fill it with 2 parts Avon skin so soft bath oil original scent and 1 part water. Spray this on yourself and it has been told that it safe to spray it on your pet. Spray your pets bedding as well. If you choose to have an exterminator come in it is still best to use the SSS solution to wear outside going throw the grass not to bring fleas back in from the yard. Remember when you call a exterminator to follow all their steps thoroughly. If your trying to save a bit of money try the home tips first.


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      poetryman6969 4 years ago

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