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Build Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Updated on June 10, 2012
Outdoor kitchen built with Backyard Flare construction plans.
Outdoor kitchen built with Backyard Flare construction plans. | Source

Build Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens or built in barbeques are a great way to spend the day outside with the family, or entertain guests. They do spruce up the backyard and add that certain something that almost every backyard needs. Isn't there a special flavor that is added by cooking outdoors? I think there is and it doesn't matter what is cooked. Meat, vegetables, fruit; outdoor cooked food just tastes better.

Every big construction job comes with lots of planning and thought. The construction of an outdoor kitchen is no different. Where should the outdoor kitchen be located? How will it look in this configuration versus that one? How big can I build it and what do I want it to look like?

Other considerations are what type of grill you will purchase, propane or natural gas. The installation of drop-in grills are the same but the construction process for a natural gas grill is a bit more work. A gas line needs to be plumbed and sometimes there are safety codes that have to be adhered to. These codes may dictate that a licensed professional install the gas line.

For the main structure however, you can build it yourself. There are many people who want to you to believe you have to hire a contractor to lay the block and build the entire structure. This couldn't be farther from the truth. With the correct construction plans you can definitely step into a contractor's shoes and build your own outdoor kitchen/barbeque.

What's better is the money you will save by not having a contractor build your structure for you. You will have the satisfaction of doing the job yourself while saving thousands in the process. If you are looking for outdoor kitchen/barbeque construction plans, visit us at


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