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Building Your Own Outdoor Fireplace - DIY Part 2

Updated on September 28, 2012

What Will Your Fireplace Burn - Gas or Wood?

If you are interested in building an outdoor fireplace give some thought as to what you want to burn. It may sound silly but it is something you need to think about. Some people have issues with the thought of embers and sparks and the possibility of starting an unwanted fire. This is a very scary thing especially if you have a lot of dry grass, bushes, or close trees around the proposed area for your fireplace. There are alternatives although to burning wood in an outdoor fireplace which has the tendency to give off a lot of sparks. Don't think because you have a lot of combustible material around that you can't enjoy the dancing flame in your own outdoor fireplace.

Even though many people still burn wood and fire logs outdoors, it doesn't mean you are limited to those options. Many people today have found an alternative to burning wood and other combustibles that produce embers. They are liquid propane or natural gas when used in conjunction with fake logs and even fire glass. Fake logs are just that. Fake. They will never burn down and years from now they will look the same. They are great for a traditional look. Another new trend is the use of fire glass. What you end up with is a fire that literally comes from a mound of broken glass. Many companies offer glass in various sizes and colors that is simply dumped into the firebox covering the gas line and other components. Couple a clean burning gas fire with a material such as fire glass and you will have a very unique outdoor fire experience.

The beauty of a gas fire is that can be incorporated into a fireplace that was originally built to burn wood. It is as simple as running a gas line or if you feel like that's a little too much for you to handle you can pay a licensed plumber to do it for you. Because so many homes are equipped with natural gas it makes it very easy to incorporate it into a fireplace design.

If you are interested in building your very own outdoor fireplace, visit us, Backyard Flare, LLC at We specialize in step-by-step outdoor fireplace construction plans for the "do-it-yourselfer" and we're confident we have a design that will look great in your outdoor living space.


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