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Burglar Alarms, Intruder alarms, CCTV, house alarms and sensors

Updated on September 1, 2010

Need a burglar alarm, speak to a thief. Simple. Want an intruder alarm? Speak to a burglar. Does this make sense to you? There are hundreds of different home alarm companies selling thousands, if not millions of types of burglar alarms and intruder alarm systems for the home, office and factory. They will tell you, that their product is absolutely brilliant, but so will every other salesman. I have been speaking to an ex-burglar for over five years, and I would prefer to opt for the intruder alarm system that he dislikes the most, because the home alarm system that a thief finds to difficult to get through, is the home security system that is needed.

Casing a possible target

Firstly, according to this person, whom I cannot name for legal reasons, any house is an opportunity and can be burgled. A burglar alarm on the outside of a building is the first visual deterrent, if a burglar is going to break into somewhere, initially they will go for the easy touch, and if there was a choice between a property with a burglar alarm system and one without, then they would normally go for the one without the intruder alarm system, the easy option. Most professional burglars know which burglar alarm box is false, and which burglar alarm systems are attached to a companies security force. Next on the thief's list is to see if there are any CCTV cameras, these types of security systems have cut down burglaries by over 50% on private properties. Most casual burglars, break into a house for a quick snatch, either jewelery, money, games consoles or anything which is valuable, but easy to carry, they usually walk up and down a few times to see who is looking, find their escape route if needed and find their entry point, if there are cameras around, they cannot do that. If there are no cameras around, they may ring the door bell to assess if anyone is at home, if you answer the door, they may ask you if a fictitious person is at home or some other excuse, then leave. If you are not at home, they will then head for their assessed entry point.

This would of been avoided alrerady if you had a home security alarm fitted.


A burglars normal entry point is any door or window which has been obstructed by trees, bushes or even another building so they cannot be seen easily by neighbours or passersby. They will then force the door or window open, using anything they can find lying around, they try not to carry their tools of the trade with them, in case they get pulled over by the police. If there is a window or door magnetic strip which is activated immediately, the burglar may still enter the house to grab what he can quickly, before making his escape. If there is no burglar alarm, then he is in your house and can take his time and take what he wants, even if you are at home and in bed.

If your home security system had magnetic strips on the windows, the thief may of just ran off.

A burglars point of view

This ex-burglar has given me hints over the years as to how to avoid being burgled, and so far, I have not been burgled once, that is in over five years in some not so nice areas. Outside sensor lights, set high up are a very good deterrent, a light going on usually draws attention to the lit area. Do not leave anything lying around in your garden that a burglar might be able to use. Thick brambles, sharp thorn and the thick pointed leaved plants, even cacti, are excellent deterrents if they are planted in the right place, usually outside windows, and it makes the garden look nice. No intruder wants to leave his or her DNA at the scene of a crime in the form of blood on the needles or thorns. There are external motion detectors which will detect movement within your own garden or drive area, so as an intruder enters your land, a burlar alarm is triggered, the external lights can come on, a security team is alerted and the burglar is doing 100 meters every 7 seconds away from your property, without even getting near your windows or doors. This apparently is a good system. There is the CCTV cameras which will allow you to view what the cameras see from any internet connect computer or your mobile phone. This is a good system, only as long as it is connected to a security response team, and an outside motion detector, as what is the point of having CCTV if you can only watch them burgle your house. Nearly all burglar alarm systems have one thing in common, they let you know that you have been burgled, which according to most people, is to late, you need something to tell you that there is a burglar or intruder lurking outside your property. Before having an alarm fitted, ask your supplier for all the options, get the best home security system that suits your needs.


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