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Burglary Prevention - Protect Your Family

Updated on January 9, 2011

Protect Your Family with a Home Security System

These days, no one can consider themselves immune to burglars. Even folks living in remote rural communities have started to lock their doors at night. Let's fact it, you just never know anymore and it doesn't hurt to at least look into some burglary prevention methods.

It only makes sense that a crook would tackle an unsecured house rather than one with all of the bells and whistles of modern alarm systems. Obviously, there is less risk involved, but usually an average blue-collar household nets a lower pay-off as well. There are still people willing to stick their necks out to get your valuables. Even the most secured house can be a target. Either way, an ounce of prevention is a good idea. If you do nothing else by way of securing your home, make it difficult for intruders to get in, or easy for them to get caught.

Good home security systems are available now in varying price ranges. You really do need professionals for this. Check the yellow pages or do online searches and ask around for references. Get any information that you can to determine whether or not the home security company you are thinking of hiring will provide what you need at a reasonable cost. Go with a firm that has a known name, rather than one you have never heard of that has lower prices. You want to be certain that you can find these people again if you need them.

Robbery Prevention

Editor's Note:  This Burglary Prevention article is a reprint from the January 1996 issue of the Old South Advocate.
Editor's Note: This Burglary Prevention article is a reprint from the January 1996 issue of the Old South Advocate.

Inexpensive Burglary Prevention

You may be thinking that this all sounds well and good, but with financial restrictions, you can't afford it. There are other options that most budgets can handle.

A deadbolt, for instance, is a relatively inexpensive necessity for anyone with doors that can be locked by pushing in a doorknob button. Burglars can bypass these types of locks with a credit card. Make it difficult for them by deadbolting all of your doors, not just the main entrance. A robber doesn't stop trying to get in just because one of the doors is a problem. A locksmith can help you with advice on force and pick-resistant locks, or if you are knowledgeable about these things, a hardware store may carry what you are looking for.

While you are at it, don't forget about the patio doors. Sliding glass doors are a favourite means of entry for burglars. Many people have bars wedged across to keep them from sliding open, but there are special locks available that can give you much better security. check with your local locksmith.

Windows are not to be overlooked in burglary prevention, either. Latches on doublehung windows can be jimmied open. You can lock them securely by sliding bolts into holes drilled through the bottom and into the top frame. Casement windows should have the lever locks replaced with key-lockable devices which you can get at hardware stores and locksmiths. However you decide to secure them, please be sure that they can be opened quickly from the inside in case of fire.

If you would like more information on burglary prevention and home security, call you local insurance company, Good Neighbours organizations, Neighbourhood Watch, or the police services in your area. Any one of these can offer you helpful hints on how protect your home and family. If their advice serves you well even once, it will have been one of the most important calls you have ever made.

Have a safe and happy year!

Burglary Prevention - Armed and Ready was first printed in The Old South Advocate. A few words have been revised for posting here.


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