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Butterfly Garden Dreamland: A Photo Journal

Updated on July 29, 2018
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This bench is easy to construct and is portable. It is an excellent spot to enjoy some cool breezes and hear the sounds of nature.

Still beautiful 'flutterbys' come to visit


To me, they remain breathtaking


I dreamed I was a butterfly, flitting around in the sky; then I awoke. Now I wonder: Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?

— Zhuangzi

How do I even begin? What can I say that has not already been said about such glorious wonders of nature?

Elegant, fragile bits of the rainbow that flit from blossom to blossom dawdling only briefly till they are called away to some enchanting new beauty.

Please walk with me into my friend's butterfly dreamland----one I have been fortunate enough to visit frequently in recent weeks.

Ms. Butterfly paused for a photo just for me spreading her beauteous wingage....


Just living is not enough, said the butterfly, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

— Hans Christian Andersen

Nature's Best....

Nature and all things of nature awaken within me a joy that is unparalleled except for the love for my family and friends.

The kiss of the morning breeze begins my day even when it is dripping with moisture which has been the case most of this summer.

It has been my good fortune to have met a most remarkable lady who has become a new friend. Her home is situated on a lake and she has even invited more of it closer in to her property's edge...a kind of a lake within a lake...a minilake??

The scene when viewed from her back deck is calming and replinishes the soul...

The front of her property is what holds my attention to the greatest extent.

There she has created a butterfly garden that rivals some I have viewed in botanical gardens.

Visiting her home over about an eight week period it has been delightful to see the plants grow and flourish. Of course as that has happened, butterflies have gotten the message and have flocked to the area.

Gazing Down the Length of the Garden....Can You Hear the Whispers of the Spanish Moss? Stand very Still and You May Feel the Gentle Brush of a Butterfly's Wings


"Ok, I Will Stay a Bit Longer ...." she seems to say

Happy Little Butterfly Greeting the Day

A New Beauty Popped By...

A Little Peek at my Friend's Butterfly Garden

Surely She is Posing...


A Butterfly Garden is a Wonderful Addition to a Yard

Her garden is probably about 40 feet in length and about 8 feet deep.

She has chosen many plants that are customarily thought of as plants that attract not only butterflies but also bumblebees and hummingbirds.

When they are in bloom, which has been most of the last two months, and they are still going strong, the landscape is alight with the colors of those mostly tiny blossoms and the guests who are attracted to them as if by some invisible magnet.

Enjoy Watching these 'butterflies' on this snibett from Fantasia 2000

Being Invited In to Their World

This magnificent collection of vibrant flowers offers respite for travelers who happen by to visit each blossom as we onlookers have our own private little glimpse of nature at her best.

It is not possible to pass through that portion of her yard without pausing to be entertained by the wonders that quietly go about their business of living.

How delightful it is when a colorfully arrayed butterfly swooshes over and lands on a cheek or arm!!!

It is as if I am invited for a moment, only the briefest moment, into her world. and then, just that fast, her diaphanous wings carry her off to yet another destination.

But these are flowers that fly and all but sing....

— Robert Frost

Some of the Plants You May Wish to Choose if You are Considering a Butterfly Garden

According to Peterson First Guides for Butterfly and Moths....

Common nectar plants are:

  • buddleia
  • marigold
  • zinnia
  • lilac
  • lantana
  • butterfly milkweed
  • asters
  • mints

Additionally plants already mentioned attract butterflies in profusion as well.

Plants that Entice Butterflies

There are particular plants that are known to attract such wonders to our gardens. A few that my friend has in her garden are:

salvia, buddleia, fluttterby petite, petchoa, sentimental blue balloon, and blanket flower.

In my yard I have lantana growing profusely so I have a mini-butterfly zone... The lantana is growing about 7 feet tall and about six feet wide in one area and in another area there is a small bush only about 3 feet high and a foot wide..but butterflies flock to both areas, seemingly thankful for these spots to tarry in for a bit.

Plants Snuggled Up Together, Inviting to Would Be Travelers


Butterflies are self-propelled flowers.

— RH Heinlein

Fluttering Here and There...


So Many Places to Visit for Bees and Butterflies


These are a Favorite Spot for a Gathering of Winged Creatures


Angel Trumpets were Magnificent


Breathtaking Beauty


Being Patient Allows Just the Right Photo to be Snapped


Scattered Throughout Her Garden Vivid Splashes of Color Paint the Landscape


Two by Two is Not an Uncommon Sight...


Intoxicated by the Abundance of Blooms....


Precariously Perched, Teasing Me....


This was an Unbelievable Moment...She Paused and I was Present!!!


And Again....


Vibrant Colors and Tiny Blossoms are a Real Invitation


A New Explosion of Beauty Each Day


Meander Around to Lake-side and This is Only a Bit of What Greets You....


Perhaps a Butterfly Garden is in Your Future

Maybe next spring you may wish to consider beginning your own garden filled with plants that will attract butterflies.

You do not have to try to do it all at once. Right now, all I have is lantana and one buddleia plant. My plan for next year is add more and hopefully to increase the abundance of bumblebees and butterflies.

We are doing a service for our planet by attracting these lovelies to our planet as they are becoming endangered. Helping our planet while being so enchanted is quite a lovely experience.

© 2015 Patricia Scott


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