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Buy Decorative Flower & Plant Pots Online - Including Plastic & Terracotta

Updated on March 13, 2011

Buying Flower Pots Online

If you are an avid gardener, you probably look forward to spring with eager anticipation. Breathlessly diving into your carefully stored collection of seeds and finding just the right color to express your emotions, you throw on a jacket against the still chilly morning and rummage in your bag of tricks for your trusty trowel.

However when it comes to planting, throwing a seed in the nearest plot of ground doesn't always work. Sometimes you'll want a plant you can move around or take with you when you move house, other times you just want a plant that is showed off to its full potential in wild bursts of color.

If you want to buy a plant pot, there are plenty on this page - from the unique ladybug style to the old fashioned antique pot. Whatever you're looking for in a flower pot, you'll find something to tease your fancy here.

An old style pot can make the make plants appear more natural and give a lovely antique appearance to the setting.
An old style pot can make the make plants appear more natural and give a lovely antique appearance to the setting.

Antique & Old Style Pots

Aged Pots

These days the style is all about the modern look - from sharp shiny edges to glowing, sparkling and neat lines to accentuate everything from your car to your plants.

But what if you prefer something that looks like it holds secrets, has a touch of venerability to it and adds some old style class to your garden?

If you're looking to create a timeless garden, one of the best places to start is with antique or aged terra cotta pots. Marble and mossy rock is another timeless classic.

On the right and below you'll find some examples of gorgeous pots that will show your favourite plants in the best way without detracting from the beauty of your garden or forcing the eye to a hideous centre piece of modernity.

Plastic Pots

If you prefer a cheaper alternative to metal and stone pots but still want a nice mutually effective color setting for your plants, consider buying plain plastic pots.

These days plastic pots come in a wide variety of colors that allow you to mix and match your garden color schemes. Whether you want natural looking terracotta or dark green pots or something that stands out a bit more, there's plenty available in plastic.

Buying plastic pots also has the advantage of easy shipping and storage, meaning that if you don't want a permanent garden or have plants that might be up-sizing shortly, you can just stack your pots for later use.

If you want a more natural look consider buying a clear plastic pot - this way you can see the amazing growth of the plant beneath the soil.

Novelty And Kids Pots

If you're looking for something more quirky for your garden there are plenty of unique and sometimes humorous pots available.

As you can see on the right there are centre piece pots available in various shapes such as bicyles or robots. One of these pots would make a great centre piece for an arty, happy go lucky garden.

Pots such as the lady beetle shown on right are a great option for a child - allowing your child to be involved with planting and raising a seed into a plant allows them to learn patience and understand how time can give its own rewards.

Pretty & Bright Flower Pots

If you have a bit of an arty side and love bright colors, a funky bright pot might just be the thing for your garden. Whether you want a centre piece pot or just to match your current décor, there are plenty of pots available in gorgeous colors, styles, patterns and sizes.

A brightly colored pot can add to the vibrant color of your flowers.
A brightly colored pot can add to the vibrant color of your flowers.

Multi Plant Pots & Window Planters

If you love to have a wide range of plants but just don't have the room or the inclination to fit them all in, a window planter or stack-a-pot is a great way to have one of everything.

Below and on the right you'll see some of the great designs available. Whether you want something unique and stylish or something more traditional, you'll find there's something available.

Stack-a-pots are also a great option for budding home chefs. Planting several types of herbs and leaving it on the kitchen windowsill will let you add some very unique flavours to your cooking.

Photos by Galileo55


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