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Buy Ecover Cleaning Eco Products Online

Updated on March 24, 2011


If you are looking to buy ecological washing and cleansing products, Ecover might be your best choice.


Ecover eco products have many benefits. If you care for yourself, your home and environment, Ecover eco products will meet all your needs and requests.


Ecover is an international company and the leader in the production of ecological cleaning products. Ecover is a pioneer in the field of ecology. Ecover established first ecological factory, which has a green roof. All eco products are made according to the policy of sustainable development.


Health benefits of Ecover eco products


Ecover eco products are very effective and have the absolute minimum effect on your heath. They are made of plant and mineral ingredients. That way the use of chemicals in your home is quite limited.

Ecover started producing eco products that are phosphate-free even before phosphates were recognized as harmful compounds. If you decide to use Ecover eco products, you will avoid many side-effects that conventional products may cause, such as skin allergies, problems with fertility or breathing problems.

Ecover products have the same effectiveness as conventional ones, but are far friendlier to you and your home.


Environment benefits of Ecover eco products


Besides their cleaning power, Ecover eco products have another very big benefit. The packages in which the products are contained are non toxic and biodegradable. Ecover enables full decomposition of their end products. That way the environment is preserved and there is no ecological negative effect present.

If you care for your environment and are ecologically conscious, Ecover eco products will give you the most benefits you can get from one cleaning company.

All Ecover packages are made of non toxic material that is biodegradable.

Bottles and labels are made of polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable material.

Caps are made of polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable material.

Carton boxes are made of cardboard which is 95% recyclable material.

Ecover cleansing products have very low impact on aquatic life. Ecover eco products are not tested on animals.

wide range of Ecover cleaning eco products and natural cleaners
wide range of Ecover cleaning eco products and natural cleaners


Ecover eco products come in several categories. You can choose among following categories: dishwashing, laundry, household, personal care, car and boat care.


Ecover kitchen cleaning eco products


The number one benefit of Ecover kitchen cleaning eco products is that they clean perfectly, yet have very few chemicals that can affect your health.

Dish washing liquid is very gentle for your hands and smells great. One squeeze is enough to wash dirty dishes after lunch. Washing liquid is not producing excessive foam, which is a benefit for the environment.

Dishwasher tabs are great solution if you have dish washer. It doesn’t contain any compounds that are bad for the environment. No matter how long you keep your dishes in the dishwasher before you turn it on, it will end up clean and fresh.

Compared to non-ecological dishwashing products, Ecover eco products clean even better and are more efficient. Ecover ecological products definitely justify their price, which is a little higher than the conventional dishwashing products. But, taken in mind that they have double benefit – good for your health and the environment – it’s worth paying that price.


Ecover bathroom and toilet cleaning eco products


Bathroom Ecover eco products are even more attractive and also have many benefits. Bathroom is pretty small room and often without windows. That’s why it could be very difficult not to breather the vaporizations that are created during the cleaning process. Especially if you use conventional non-ecological cleaning products.

If you choose to use Ecover multipurpose cleaner, you will avoid possible allergies and skin irritations. They can influence your skin or cause breathing problems. Using Ecover cleaning eco products, not only your bathroom will be perfectly clean, but your will keep your skin non irritated and healthy.

Laundry washing detergent has exceptional washing results. It has very fresh scent and is very efficient even at low temperatures.

Fabric softener comes in two scents and both of them are very pleasant. Laundry becomes soft and very easy to iron. You save your time and your energy and enjoy the washing process. Ecover ecological laundry detergents don’t contain any optical brighteners.

Ecover stain remover works perfectly. It removes old and new stains and the fabric stays untouched.

Toilet cleaner doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals that conventional products do. Ecover toilet cleaner is hygienic and very powerful. It cleans and decalcifies in just a several minutes. Great option!


Ecover personal care eco products


Personal care Ecover eco products may benefit you the most. You put personal care products directly on your skin and that’s why it is very important what kind of products you use. The skin is our biggest organ and it absorbs everything. The less harmful ingredients you put on your skin, the healthier you are in general.

All personal care Ecover eco products have very gentle scent. After using them you have the feeling of cleanness, which some other eco products don’t give you. Personal care eco products are not based on petrochemical ingredients.

Ecover hand soap is PH neutral and contains aloe vera.


Ecover car and boat washing eco products

The biggest 2 benefits car and boat eco products have is minimum influence on aquatic life and great washing effectiveness. Your car and boat will be clean and shiny. At the same time non toxic component won’t have negative impact on environment.

All products have plant based ingredients and very fresh fragrance. They are easy to use and safe for your skin. There is no excessive foam and therefore no negative influence on environment.


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