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Buy Jute Accessories Online

Updated on March 18, 2011

Jute Accessories

Jute is a natural fiber plant grown primarily in India, Bangladesh and China. Only cotton exceeds Jute in total worldwide production. Products made from Jute are environmentally friendly and extremely green. Jute can be made into clothes. rope, bags, and many other environmentally gentle products. Many useful Jute products can be found online. We present a few interesting examples.

Look for Jute to provide innovative natural solutions to everyday problems. Instead of a nasty synthetic material that was yanked from Mother Earth in petroleum form and refined into something that produced many by-products in the process, Jute sprouts up naturally from the loamy soil. It is grown in third-world countries by farmers who work very hard to support their families.

Hugger Mugger Sattva Jute Mat

Have you ever Yoga'd? A mat for Yoga-ing is a must-have. Instead of an over-processed synthetic mat that might be out-gassing into your downward facing dog, consider an all natural Jute mat. Each mat is enhanced with a non-slip backing to prevent your Padangusthasana from becoming a Dandasana. Mat dimensions are 68 x 24 inches.

This wonderful product is made from natural fibers grown in natural fields. It rolls up conveniently for stowage in your locker while you enjoy a quick steam bath or a leisurely dip in the hot tub. Jute is a renewable product that grows from the Earth like cotton or oak trees.

Nursery Jute Balls 4-ply - 10 Pounds

Biodegradable balls of twine offer endless opportunities for outdoor tying up of stuff. This handy twine ball extends to over three thousand and five hundred feet of linear utility. Jute twine is famous for its' bending, twisting, and knotability. Twine and rope are sometimes quantified by tensile strength: this quality ball of twine tops out at 115 pounds.

Everyone needs to tie stuff. Tuck away several jute twine balls in the kitchen junk drawer, the garage junk drawer, or the glove box of your car. The time you most need some string is usually the time you don't have any string handy. This jute will not let you down.

EarthAid Slope Saver PRO Erosion Control Kit

Aid the Earth: mitigate earthly erosion by deploying the EarthAid Slope Saver PRO Erosion Control Kit on slanted surfaces. Topsoil tends to wash away to a much lesser degree when erosive water is slowed down by erosion control matting. 140 square feet of biodegradable jute netting will stabilize your slope. 52 steel soil staples are included at no extra charge. Homeowners and contractors will find this product extremely useful for new construction and landscaping.

If grubs eat your grass, you will need some erosion control to control the erosion until you can grow new grass. The first hard rain may wash away vital parts of your yard. Instead of trucking in new dirt, deploy a little strategic erosion control equipment in strategic locations. No one wants to see their dirt turning into mud and sliding into the cul-de-sac. Your neighbors will thank you.

Jute Natural Contemporary Rug Size: Round 6'

Hand woven in India, this 100 percent natural Jute rug complements any decor. Deploy it as a welcome mat to greet visitors into your environmentally friendly home. Show your friends and neighbors that you support Jute production and Earth-friendly renewable resources.

This is a really cool rug for 3-season rooms or family rooms in high traffic areas. It will show your guests that you care about the Earth and you select natural fibers over synthetic oil-based products. No one will accuse you of hating the Earth after trodding on your Jute rugs..

Neu Home 29665 Organize It All Jute Stackable DVD Box with Lid

Jute engineers have yet to devise technologies for storing digital information on Jute, but crafty Jute designers provide a delightfully utilitarian container for DVDs and CDs. This stackable box has linen accents and comes in neutral colors that complement any DVD collection.

Storing high technology in low technology containers is the new way to go green. We have not yet figured out a way to make CDs or DVDs out of Jute, but we can store our media in Jute storage devices. It's not a Juke box, it's a Juke box.

Café Scipio Whole Bean with Jute Bag, Medium Roast

Coffee is a renewable resource: coffee in a Jute bag quite possibly represents the epitome of Earth-friendly caffeine consumption. Enjoy your morning mug comfortable in the knowledge that your beans arrived in a hand-made Jute bag from Costa Rica. This gourmet coffee and environmentally aware packaging complements any going-green decor.

Simply Jute Yoga Bag

This adorably useful bag has plenty of room to carry all your yoga. The exterior is authentic Jute while the interior is soft cotton, to cushion and protect the yoga. An inside flap pocket secures small bits of yoga and makes them easily accessible.

Sanuk Men's Hey Jute Sandal Shoe

Wrap your feet in environmentally friendly eco-footwear. The Hey Jute Sandal Shoe from Sanuk is made from canvas with Jute inserts. The sole is rubber and a comfortable EVA foam footbed is included at no extra charge. Sing along with Paul McCartney and John Lennon while dancing in your Hey Jute togs.

Rubber Printed Cotton Top With Jute & Sequins Work

Combine a little Jute and cotton for a fresh airy look that complements any wardrobe. This line of Jute/Cotton dresses are fantastic for Summer romping, grill parties, or just lounging by the lake waiting for the fish to start biting. Traditional Indian prints as well as postmodern styles are available.


Possibilities for Jute product are virtually endless. Look online for Jute-fueled enhancements to modern life. Go Jute and go green!

Buy Jute Accessories Online
Buy Jute Accessories Online
Buy Jute Online
Buy Jute Online


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