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Buy Sealy Ultra Rest Baby Mattress from Amazon

Updated on May 9, 2011

Why Baby Mattress?

Ultra Rest Mattress is ideal for your baby because it has all round border rods keeping the sides, and making corners and edges firm and steady just like adult mattress. Here is what one customer had to say about the baby mattress "Good mattress. No complaints. It does have a vinyl-like surface, so good for waterproof ability. Fits perfectly in our Graco crib. 10 days ago by VRP". The beauty of the Sealy Ultra Rest Baby Mattress is baby weight evenly distributed and supported by the steel vertical bars. The baby mattress comes with 204 heavy gauge interlocking steel coils which are heat tempered for strength and durability.

The durability of the baby mattress is provided by the two non allergenic layers with comfort being provided by a third non allergenic layer all these allow your baby to have a gentle sleeping surface. On part of the manufacturer the baby mattress comes with 15 year warranty on workmanship and materials. Your baby will be able to sleep on a firm surface mattress, and the plastic does not make noise while squeezing or sleeping.

The Sealy Ultra Rest Baby Mattress is safe since it has waterproof nonallergic. Below are some of the Sealy Ultra Rest Baby Mattress features that make it outstanding among many baby mattresses. Sealy mattresses meet or exceed the current phthalates standards set forth by the CPSC and meet federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633. Below are factors to consider when buying a baby mattress

Buy Sealy Ultra Rest Baby Mattress

Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby Mattress


Can you afford the baby mattress?, consider the cost by comparing prices among other online stores that sell the same baby mattress, read on customer's review on various baby mattress. Comparing cost will help you save money. By doing this you may find baby mattresses on sales or promotion and this will be a great deal. Do not compromises on the cost by buying baby mattress that will last you few months and wear out, you better spend money on quality baby mattress that will last many years to come.


Find out from customer reviews for how long they have been using the baby mattress, are they happy and would they go for the same baby mattress, if you are getting the similar reviews and experiences then you may consider buying Sealy Ultra Rest Baby Mattress. Amazon offers customer reviews and statistics of how people are buying the product; make sure you check on the reviews. Here is one review from Amazon about Sealy Ultra Rest Baby Mattress "I purchased this mattress for my 1st son two years ago and didn't even look around for a different mattress for my 2nd son. This mattress is so well made and comfortable... Read more from Amazon Published 17 days ago by E. Beck"


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