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Buy Tiki Torches and Replacements Online

Updated on January 6, 2012
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Tiki torched dress up any yard, adding ambience. The soft light turns an ordinary evening into magic.

Tiki torches are made of a variety of materials and in multiple designs. You can light your yard, add décor, keep insects at bay, provide security, and highlight gardens with tiki torches.

Citronella tiki torches are popular because they save a pleasant evening from mosquitoes and other irritating pests. One fill of citronella oil lasts for several nights. For pennies, the bugs are invited to leave the party. Nothing ruins a quiet evening outdoors with a loved one more than mosquitoes.

Solar tiki torches are also a popular choice. Every night, without fail, your solar tiki torches light your yard and gardens with soft light. You can look up into the night sky and enjoy the stars while still walking your lighted pathways.

Bamboo tiki torches are a low cost way to light your early evening yard. You can choose any oil you want, including citronella. Solar lights also work well.

Red glass tiki torches add a real level of high class to every yard. Guests will feel like kings under the glow of tiki torches made of rich, deep red glass. A set of 6 red glass outdoor tiki torches on a 72 inch pole run about $80. This is more than bamboo, but a real bargain when you consider their long life over bamboo and the appearance of red glass over bamboo.

Copper cans in a tiki torch are all class. Copper cans come in simple designs, plain, or beautiful hieroglyphs. The cans are easily replaced if damaged. Copper has a shine that is pleasing to the eye. Copper tiki torches do not cost much, but they can look like you spent a fortune. You look good when your yard and gardens are framed by quality tiki torches.

Bronze is similar to copper in rich color and durability. Bronze, like copper, can be plain or with intricate shapes and etchings. Definitely worth considering.

Amazon is the best place to buy tiki torches because resellers compete on quality and price. The best quality at the lowest price rises to the top and gets the sales. Mix in free shipping, Amazon’s guarantee, and return policy, and you can feel comfortable purchasing your tiki torches online from Amazon without worry.

Tike torches also make great gifts for friends and family. Buy a set for yourself and dress up your yard; buy a set for a friend. Buy your tiki torches from Amazon today with free shipping and have your tiki torches in a few days delivered right to your doorstep.


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