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Buy Brita and Pur Water Filter Jugs (Pitchers) and Replacement Cartridges Online

Updated on April 11, 2013

In this article we are going to look at the various water filter pitchers (jugs) and replacement cartridges available from, a large Internet home delivery store, who offer practically everything available in your local high street stores at a discounted rate.

Do we trust our water boards to make sure our drinking water is fit to drink?

There are universal guidelines laid down that drinking water must reach a certain standard, but the rules vary so much from place to place that the only way we can ensure our water is safe to drink is by using a home water filtration system, to filter out some of the less desirable elements commonly found in drinking water.

The chemicals in drinking water

In soft water areas, the problems come from heavy metals that can dissolve in water, including lead, aluminium and zinc. These get into the water supply in areas where the water is supplied through old metal pipes made from these elements.

Where these pipes have been replaced, the modern plastic pipes many allow phthalates into the supply, although at the time of writing this, there does not seem to be any health issues arising from them.

In other and hard water areas, run off from farm land into the rivers that supply the reservoirs may cause contamination in the form of pesticides, fertilisers and nitrates.

Sometimes the water boards add aluminium sulphate to dissolve particles in the water, and in the past there have been accidents when too much has been applied.

Occasionally trihalomethanes are present in the water, due to the natural interaction between added chlorine, and organic particles present in the water, and these chemicals have been associated with cancer and allergies.

Chlorine is routinely added to the water supply in some countries; it is unknown what harm if any they do, but they do make the water taste and smell awful.

Many home water filtration systems can also remove deliberate poisons placed in the water supply should such a terrorist attack happen.

water filtration pitcher (jug)

If in the main your drinking water supply is safe to drink, but tastes foul, buying a water filtration pitcher to purify the tap water you use for drinking or cooking should suffice.

If it removes some harmful but unnoticed chemicals too, then you have won a watch, so to speak.

I use a Brita water filter jug as it is known in some parts of the world and have nothing but praise for it.

Our drinking water is safe within legal requirements, but tastes horrible. It is also full of hard water elements including calcium carbonate which causes a build up of limescale on kettles and other appliances that use water.

It takes only a couple of minutes for a litre of water to filter through for use in the kettle, cooking pot or to drink (and it tastes fine after this process).

As Pur and Brita are not only the best known makes worldwide, their impressive record of chemical-removal is second to none. For that reason I have only included Brita and Pur makes here.

Generally the boxed sets come with cartridges. How many will depend on the offer, but the big advantage of buying a boxed set is that you from the outset what type of cartridge fits in that particular pitcher or vessel.

cartridge filter replacements

Water filtration vessels are a bit like ink jet printers - cheap to buy because the real expense is in the replacement cartridges that you have to buy monthly to keep your filter in good working order.

That is why I have included links here to buy these cartridges online from Amazon who offer a very good deal especially compared to what you may have to pay in the shops.

The big advantage in owning a water filtration pitcher is that you will no longer have to lug home heavy purified water bottles from the shops!


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      Water Purifier 7 years ago

      Interesting list of products! Thanks for sharing.