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Compost Bins - Buy a Garden Composter Online

Updated on December 3, 2012
home-made organic compost
home-made organic compost

Compost Bins

Compost bins and garden composters are convenient to buy online.

Not only is it a 'green' thing to do, making your own compost with a garden composter uses up a lot of kitchen waste that would otherwise go out with the rubbish, while improving your garden soil, making it easier to grow a wide range of plants.

No more trudging off to the garden center to buy bulky bags of organic compost for the garden or greenhouse, and there will be less work for your local landfill garbage dump workers.

While you can indeed make your own compost bin with wood and/or fencing material for a fraction of the price of buying a ready-constructed one, the big advantage in buying one is less work for you, plus the molded plastic materials used in the shop-bought ones will last for years and years.

It is indeed a lot more work to look after your home-made compost bin, as the contents have to turned manually (with a fork or similar implement) every few months to ensure an even breakdown of the contents within. Until they are fully broken down, they smell, are frequently full of insects and larvae, and generally not something you want to be working with.

Many modern composters now have a handle to turn and therefore do all the hard work for you, some can be rotated so that it moves the pile a bit at a time. Even the ones that do not move have a lid that keep flies at bay and smells in.

Kitchen Compost Bin

I was especially taken with this clever little compost collector for the kitchen. It can collect all your vegetable peelings, egg shells, spent tea bags, coffee grinds etc, and has a charcoal filter in the lid to keep odors in.

I have a little bucket with lid in my kitchen, and in the heat of summer it not only smells, flies breed in it and I have to move things out to the garden compost pile very frequently.

You can put the chopped up cardboard tubes from empty loo rolls, excess hair from brushes, and old torn up newspapers into the composter too.

A kitchen compost bin is ideal for convenience.

Learn How to Compost

For people who are not familiar with the whole idea of recycling and composting, I would recommend this book to read to let you know all the ins and outs of composting, the basics of which I hope to explain here.

When you are are offline you can browse through this book and I hope it gives you lots of ideas about the easiest way to compost your kitchen and garden waste and turn it into rich soil.

SoilSaver Compost Bin

This composter doesn't rotate or turn, but the manufacturers promise it makes perfect compost in just 6 - 8 weeks.

You just put in your organic waste matter, and seal the self-watering lid. The heat generated by the thick black plastic walls breaks down your waste into compost in double-quick time.

Includes a free composting guide 'A Sense of Humus'.

Rotating Composter

This composter would be great to have on a terrace near to the kitchen door.

It's designed especially for kitchen scraps and small amounts of garden trimmings, and can be manually rotated to ensure even distribution of the contents.Its unit is completely sealed except for a chute to put the waste matter in, and this can be closed to keep flies out/smells in.

Compost when it is ready for use is just like the stuff you buy in big bags for the garden or for your houseplants - rich, crumbly, dark brown earth that doesn't smell of anything bad.

It's a good idea to use a garden sieve to filter out large bits of gardening debris that doesn't break down at the same time as the rest, when your compost is ready for use.

Even better, don't put large organic waste matter in.

Break it down as small as possible first. Crush egg shells, shred newspaper, use a garden shredder to chop up tree branches and thicker stalks.

This is an excellent compost bin.

Mantis Twin Composting Bin

Woo! Look at the price of this compost bin!

Still, you get what you pay for, and this one not only turns, it has two chambers so one can be busy rotting down, while you start a new pile in chamber number 2. Good idea. Kitchen/garden waste is ongoing; you will always have some half rotted when you want to add more, and this one lets you do just that.

A really good thing about the design of this compost bin is that you can roll a wheelbarrow under it to collect the prepared compost, otherwise it can be quite a lot of work taking compost away from a composter.

I've also read that this one holds a LOT of waste matter which as any busy gardener knows is important, especially in the summer when there are grass cuttings to be added (and they take up a LOT of room, at first anyway).

This compost bin has received excellent reviews from those that have bought it.

I seldom use any kind of product to assist in the process of compost-making.

That is probably why it takes up to a year for me to make compost!

These compositions are a blend of micro-organisms that will quickly get to work and break down all your waste matter much quicker than if left to Mother Nature.

Earthmaker Aerobic Composter

This composter has a unique design, in that is has 3 chambers.

You put your scraps into the first one (at the top), then when you want to add more scraps, you do something that allows the partially composted scraps to fall down into the chamber below, while you put the fresh scraps at the top.

Next time you repeat the whole process and the first scraps will now be at the bottom. The gases from it rise and assist in the decomposition of the fresher material above.

Apparently this unit is a lot bigger than it looks, and after the first few months of getting things started off, it promises you will be able to 'harvest' 10 gallons of compost every month which is pretty impressive.

It doesn't turn, nor need to turn, as its construction allows heat and gases to continue the process with no effort from you, the user.

This composter has also received really good reviews from those that have already bought it.

Worm Composting

Can't do an article on composters without mentioning the best type of all, the worm composter.

This little unit here can be used inside an apartment as well as outside on a terrace or in the garden.

The kit comes complete with everything you need, starter bedding for the worms, the hand fork to break up their food and full instructions on how to use it.

It doesn't include the worms.

User reports have said that there is no smell when this is used for kitchen waste, even inside the house, and that the worms seem to love their new home and eat everything in sight.

Ask any gardener, worm castings make the best compost of all.


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