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How To Buy Canvas Art For Someone Else

Updated on October 10, 2008


Choosing that perfect piece of canvas art is very hard, even for yourself. At least, you know what you like! No matter how much you know someone else, there's no guarantees they'll like it too. This article aims to help you make an informed choice when buying a canvas print for someone else.

Great Colours On This Canvas Work Well With The Bed Spread
Great Colours On This Canvas Work Well With The Bed Spread


Colour is a strange thing, the difference between shades can be tiny or massive. Some people like everything to be in the same colour band, especially when it comes to their homes. This makes your task a lot easier! Colour matching art to existing colours in the room is a great way to make the art look like it belongs.

Be careful with colour matching from memory to the image on your screen however and if your not 100% sure about the match, ask the company your considering buying from to send you a small colour sample of the print you like. When it arrives you'll have a much clearer idea of the colours involved.  

If the walls are off whites and pale shades, simply match the accent colours like the sofa or carpet/rug to colours in the canvas. If however your still unsure about colour, we recommend going with black and white or sepia images as these go with any colour scheme and will always look stylish.



A Selection Of Images From The Valentine 'Love' Section
A Selection Of Images From The Valentine 'Love' Section


The next thing to look at is the image. Most people have a vague idea of what they want for someone else and you may need to just go through the sections they might like. If your buying for someone with an obsession with the 60's, then look in the Retro section first, buying for a big music of film fan, check out the cult section. If you find an image you think they'll like, but in a colour they might not, don't worry, we can colour swap on all our canvas images so you get the right image.

Maybe you want something more personal, photo 2 canvas and photo to pop art are both very popular with people buying for a gift because the subject matter is usually the person your buying for, or you (or both). Its a simple process and quick too, our average custom job is less than 5 working days from start to delivery.


Size is the last thing you should think about. Knowing the person's house will be a massive benefit.Have a look at any blank walls to get an idea of where they might hang the print. From that you can make a reseanable guess as to how big or small to go. If your unsure where they would hang it, or are unsure to what size would suit the wall, then go for the middle size (32"x24"). This is a good size (approximately A2 in size) and works well on most walls.  

If your looking for a canvas as a gift and are still unsure, you can always get them a gift voucher and let them pick it!


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    • WHoArtNow profile image

      WHoArtNow 9 years ago from Leicester, UK

      Thanks Sweetie Pie, I'm new to the whole SEO thing too, just experimenting with some things. I'm still learning Anaylitics but I'm keeping an eye on the keywords used. Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

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      SweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      One thing you can do is write a larger introduction paragraph, which gives you a larger block of google ads (important for adsense campaign). Besides that I really enjoyed your hub, but maybe you could try adding a put more info so the search engines can find you. Looking at google analytics I am always surprised about which phrases bring people to my hub, and I am getting pretty good at doing this without even studying SEO. Just looking at analytics for a few days will give you an idea.

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      Which4u 9 years ago from Leicester, UK


      I think if you change the font to Windings it will look much better.

      Hope this helps