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Buying Cooking Utensils

Updated on November 23, 2009


A person, who enjoys cooking, can make a meal taste good regardless of the tools he or she has available, however,  a good set of cooling pots and pans can make a difference not only to the meal but also reduce the amount of energy used to prepare the meal.

We just went out and purchased our first set of new pots and pans in ten years. We have been planning this for a couple of years now, but the set we wanted costs a bit above our budget, however, once a year in November they go on sale. The past two years we were unable to make the sale due to other commitments. The pots are sold in another town about 2o minutes from here.

This year we went and got what we wanted. The pots are made by Paderno which is a Prince Edward Island company. The fact the company is located on Canada’s east coast was one reason for buying them, the other was the quality. The pots are stainless steel and a good weight. They can be used on the top of the stove and in the oven.

Now that we were going to be the owners of an excellent set of cooking pots we need new utensils.

When I first started cooking I had a wooden spoon and a saucepot. Wooden spoons have been part of my kitchen equipment since then and I have used the ones I no longer cook with as plant trellises for both indoor and outdoor plants.

I also have a plastic spatula that I am fond of it works well on the non-stick fry pans we have

However, it was time to move on to something more substantial. Substantial often equates to more expensive and in this case that was certainly true. But money well spent.

The first step when buying new cooking utensils is to decode what you actually need. So what do you cook? Give thought to the meals you prepare and the utensils you need to make them,

I favour stainless steel for most cooking utensils; I like the weight, the look and the durability. A set of stainless steel cooking utensils will last many years and earn heir cost over time.

The basic utensils needed are, a potato masher, a soup ladle, a spaghetti spoon (however if you do not eat spaghetti, obviously this can be eliminated), a turner or spatula, and a spoon. I suggest a fork, slotted spoon and egg whisk will also come in handy.

Stainless steel is easy to clean, hard to damage and looks great. It is easy to dismiss appearance as important but I like a kitchen that is welcoming and bright and the stainless steel enhances the atmosphere.


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  • Bob Ewing profile imageAUTHOR

    Bob Ewing 

    8 years ago from New Brunswick

    I'm booked for next six months but check with me then, thaks for dropping by.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    8 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for your interesting hub. When are you coming over to do my cooking?


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