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COOLBOX The worlds smartest toolbox Indiegogo campaign review

Updated on July 6, 2016

Welcome to a series of Hub pages that focuses on creative and innovative designer products on crowdfunding platform such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. In these hubs the campaign will be viewed through 5 simple lenses:.

  1. The Idea
  2. Features
  3. Price
  4. Do i need it
  5. Will it change my life or world

The purpose of these reviews is to provide insights on the idea or concept as well as the product itself. In addition this series of hubs aims to introduce the crowdfunding movement and new products to a wider mainstream audience.

This hubs series will be a learning experiences for myself and i welcome feedback and comments. Now please join me in exploring both the amazing designer products and creative idea that are appearing on crowdfunding platforms today.

The Coolbox - Worlds Smartest Toolbox Indiegogo Campaign

After writing about The Coolest, "The worlds Coolest Cooler" in another hub of this series i came across the Coolbox in my research and it seemed natural for me to review the Coolbox next, given some of its similarities. First launched on Indiegogo in early 2015 the Coolbox was created by three Canadian construction workers seeing the need for an 21st century upgrade for the trusty toolbox, Lead by Chris Stoikos.

Much like the Coolest, the Coolbox features a build in speaker powered by an internal power source, external power ports & chargers and a bottle opener. But thats about where the similarity ends. The Coolbox is designed as a one stop shop for all your tools or to be an self contained work station for the DIY enthusiast and constructions workers.

Having raised over $370,000 in its campaign the Coolbox is currently in the InDemand stages of a campaign and due for delivery in May or July 2016.

The Coolbox was also showcased recently on Shark Tank in April, Season 7 episode 28. If you are interested in learning more about the story behind the Coolbox and the Shark Tank episode please the link at the bottom of the article.

To visit the projects Indiegogo campaign click here: The Coolbox

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1 - The Coolbox

The Coolbox is clever integration of a number key features into the traditional toolbox, Beyond just storing your tools and power tools the Coolbox is transformed into a self contained workstation able to power your tools as well as providing a few project essentials and luxuries when working on projects such as a music and a bottle opener for drinks. The Coolbox is highly functional in design and while seemingly not innovative as a whole unit it works well.

2 - Features of the Coolbox

Similar to the Coolest it is the integration of an internal power source which sets the Coolbox apart. From the 11 volt battery the Coolbox can be used to power your electric tools and be used as a back up supply on a work site or for work outdoors. In addition to portable power the Coolbox also has a number of simple and clever features which are helpful when your working on projects or getting jobs done around the house, for example the built in whiteboard which is storage neatly within the lid of the Coolbox. a magnetic lid to prevent losing screw and nails, as well as a cleverly designed stand for positioning your tablet or phone when reading or viewing online instructions.

While not innovative by itself the clever combination of all the features and elements makes the Coolbox a compact and well organized unit which is self reliant.


3 - Price of the Coolbox

As with the Coolest i have created a table listing each of the Coolbox features and value for comparison. This is not an accurate assessment but a best guess based on average prices on Amazon for reference.

In terms of price point the Coobox has a estimated final retail of $299, however on Indiegogo its initial pledge was $179 making it approximately $120 worth of saving for an early bird backers. In its InDemand stage however you can get it for $199, still a good buy considering my quick estimate of value below of $240. As for the final retail price it has not price itself out of the marketing and seem to be good price for all the features and convenience you are getting from the Coolbox.

Unlike the Coolest however The Coolbox has learnt from the Coolest and has prioritized backers before fulfilling new orders and batches.

Value of the Coolbox

Tool Box
Battery Charger
USB Charger
Wireless Speaker
LED Lamp
Bottle Opener
Power cord
Tablet Stand
White Board

How much can you put in the CoolBox?

4 - Do i need the Coolbox?

Designed for the serious handy man, the DIY enthusiast and even the non handy of us the Coolbox will certainly come in handy at home or an apartment unit. However other reviewers have commented it may not be practical for heavy construction workers.

I can certainly see the appeal for its convenience, organization and compactness. You can just pick up and go with the Coolbox and not worry about forgetting anything in an unknown work enviroment, especially when you also need a work space. Like the Coolest the Coolbox is a "go bag" or box for tool and projects.

In apartment living situations i can visualize how handy it would be to have, it being your stow away substitute garage or work space. The Coolbox will certainly comes into own working in the out doors and power is needed.

Another market for the Coolbox could be engineering students who i've seen around campus always carrying tool boxes.

While not everyone will need a Coolbox, the product is a good item to have around the home handy or not. Imagine bring it out when your assembling your Ikea furniture or on a camping road trip.

5 - Will the Coolbox change my life or world?

Similar to the Coolest if your home lacks space the Coolbox offers an all in one stop for any job or project. Its useful if you are traveling a lot on jobs or the work is outdoors or where situations are unknown.

The convenience and compactness will made life easier as well as reducing your gear, A great product and it remains to be seen if the Coolbox will have similar success as the Coolest. So far it has not but i do not see why it will not.

Learn more about The Coolbox on Indiegogo

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