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Call It Dish Detergent Or Washing Up Liquid, It's Still a Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid Product Review!

Updated on August 5, 2012

‘Mummy, why are your hands so soft?’ For any advertisement-aware Brit of a certain age, the preceding words will not fail to elicit a Pavlovian response involving associations with small children, blonde modelly young mothers and sinks full of dirty dishes.

Fairy Washing Up Liquid is manufactured by Procter & Gamble. If you’re looking for product data sheets for Fairy Original washing up liquid, then they are available at

But, if you’re not a Brit, the crucial question to ask here may well be, ‘What the heck is washing up liquid, anyway?’ I can understand your mystification at the apparently overly literal and verbose terminology; but in fact it’s quite simple. ‘Washing up liquid’ means exactly what it says: it’s liquid (i.e. detergent) that is used to wash up the dishes. I.e. dish detergent!

The Fairy brand is one of the market leaders as far as washing up liquid is concerned, and has been so for a number of decades. Its primary marketing claims to superiority to its rivals over the years have been skin-friendly hand-friendly formulation, and economy of use due to the amount of dishes a normal amount can get through. Are these claims justified? If you try the product out for yourself then you’ll be able to find out!

Fairy announces itself on its packaging to be part of the Future Friendly Program, with details to be found at If you have ecological concerns then this may well be reassuring to you.

Does Fairy washing up liquid cost more than other brands? Well, a 450 ml bottle can currently (13/12/2010) be had for the price of one pound GBP, at least locally to myself. Whether you consider that reasonable or over-priced may be affected by how economical you find the product to use.

Are you looking for a new dishwashing product and wondering what brand to try? Maybe Fairy detergent is the one you’re looking for!


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