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Can Superheroes Maintain or Repair Your Garage Door?

Updated on March 28, 2014

My uncle recently hired a bunch of professional technicians to repair our garage door. It’s an old model rollup garage door so he was very picky in choosing which ones to hire for the repair. What the job needs were technicians who have deep understanding about vintage garage doors and how their system truly works. I was totally free so I got the chance to watch as they dismantle, replace some parts, and put our old garage door back together like it was just their toy. It amazes me how they managed to make a very hard task look so simple. They really worked hard to finish the job in the least time possible and I can’t help but wonder if superheroes can do better. What if Superman would do garage door maintenance or repair for us? Would he come up with a much satisfying output? Can Spiderman or Iron Man finish the job in a lesser time frame compared to the professional technicians my dad recently hired?

With his insane strength, Superman can easily carry the garage door during the repair and assure that no one will be harmed if it accidently dislocate. None of us can single handedly carry a garage door like he can so be extra cautious. The force of a falling garage door can cause serious injuries or even death. Who would want to expose his loved ones on such kind of risk? If you noticed your garage door performing weird or producing notices as you operate it, seek for repair at once. Superman’s strength will surely come in handy but he knows nothing about garage door repair. His lack of experience and knowledge will render him useless on this task.

Choosing what type of opener to install on your garage door if the old one is broken should be carefully thought upon. Spiderman’s excellent planning skills could somehow help on this matter. However, his decisions are still inferior to what professional technicians can bring upon. Sad to say, Spiderman is a fulltime hero and part-time photographer. I am a great fan and I never seen him repair a garage door in the entire comic and animated series. On the contrary, he often destroys garage doors while fighting villains. Only a professional garage door technician will know what type of opener best fits your garage door. Basically, he will base the decisions on the size and weight of the door. Your budget is also considered since advanced garage door openers are quite expensive. An unreliable garage door opener could cost you trouble at situations where time is not on your side so always keep it well-maintained or much better replace it with a new and efficient model.

While maintaining garage door brackets and springs, extra caution is important. Not only are these part vital in the garage door’s system but carelessly handling them could lead to fatal injuries. These parts could dangerously fly around if you choose to personally repair or maintain a garage door even despite having no experience or knowledge about the task. Calling Iron Man to lend you a hand is not a bad idea. With his brilliant mind, he will surely know how to handle these parts and what safety precautions to follow. He has a seemingly impenetrable armor so garage door springs and brackets won’t hurt him at all. Nevertheless, he will surely need some time to gather more data about garage door repair. Although his powerful computers could provide him with garage door repair guides in seconds, we should face the fact that he lacks experience making him highly prone to even the most obvious mistakes. He is an engineer and focuses more on robotics so don’t expecting so much as he repairs your garage door.

The bottom line is that even might superheroes can’t handle garage door repairs efficiently. So why bother trying if you’re just a simple homeowner? Even with garage door repair guides, you can’t assure quality results since you lack both experience and knowledge on this endeavor. Would you compromise the safety of the whole family just to save a few dollars by not hiring professional technicians to carry out garage door repair or maintenance? Don’t rely on Superman, Spiderman, Ironman, or any other superheroes in protecting your family from an unreliable garage door because you can do it by simply hiring the best garage door technicians to get the problem fixed in no time.


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