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Canning Vegetables Is It A Thing of the Past?

Updated on July 7, 2009

For many people canning the bountiful harvest that our garden provides is something that we do each year. However, some people that are just starting gardens this year will not even know what canning is or how the process works. Those are the people that will claim that canning is old fashioned and is a process that shouldn't even be bothered with because the stores have so much available in such large quantities. However, something that they might not realize is that canning is more than just saving your food, it is a time for bonding with your family. I know that with my family all four of us gather around the canning jars and have a task assigned so that the process gets done quickly and safely even with a three year old helping!

Something that the new gardeners might be asking though is why should we even bother with canning since the process is something of the past. Well it wasn't that long ago that the super stores that we have conviently located on almost every corner today didn't exist. When those stores did not exist for everyone to run into at any time of day or night then the people would can the vegetables for the shear simplicity that they had to. Unlike today where many people can their own vegetables to save money during the winter produce price hike. I will give you this that the cost of the jars themselves can be rather pricey you might want to consider that if the jars last you twenty years then you can divide the cost of the jars by the lifetime that they last you and notice the cost isn't that high after all.

The other thing that many people do not realize when they are thinking that canning vegetables is a thing of the past is how the cans of beans, peas, and other vegetables make it into the store. If you consider that they are in metal cans instead of the glass jars that many people consider for canning you will not even think about the process. However, you will notice that they are called canned goods for a reason. That reason is because the vegetables are canned much like what you can do in your own kitchen with your own vegetables. Yes the cost of the canned goods at the stores are low, but you will want to consider that the produce didn't come from your garden.

The produce coming from your own garden can be canned. Yes, it can and in my own experiences it is typically the best tasting vegetables that I find all year. Now you might say well those tomatoes are from last fall they surely cannot still be good, but they are if the process is done properly. Now they taste so good to me because the cost to me for them was absolutely nothing other than some time that I was able to spend with my family on a Sunday afternoon slaving away over the hot stove while the tomatoes were being sealed in their cans.

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