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Canopy Beds for Little Girls and Little Boys

Updated on December 10, 2010

We all want a good night’s sleep. Nobody wants to twist and turn on his bed and count sheep to no avail. We spend a great part of our live sleeping, in fact a third of it. We might as well get the very best for our beds since we will be spending a lot of time on it. One of the staples of a good sleep is a good bed. There are various types of beds today. One of the most popular and the most beautiful are canopy beds, sometimes called four-poster beds. They are the epitome of class, elegance and sophistication, but make no mistake about it; canopy beds are not just for adults. In fact, you can get your little girl or boy a childrens bed canopy.

Canopy beds make wonderful additions to a child’s room. They can also make great contributions to a child’s make believe castle or pirate ship. They can turn a child’s bedroom into something more magical, fun and adventurous.

Types of Canopy Beds

  • Four poster bed. This is the most basic of al canopy beds. This usually comes with four long posts which rise higher than the corner of the bed. You will be able to see the drape sheets across the bed. This provides owners with privacy and owners will have free reign to exercise their creativity by hanging additional embellishments.
  • Square bed frame. This is very similar to the four poster bed in many ways. This also has four posts rising high from the corners, however it has a bar running across which connects the frames. This bar runs all across the bed. Aside from making the bed more decorative, it also adds support and durability.
  • Captain’s bed. The Captain’s bed has extra space for storage designed into the frame. A lot of people have this belief that the Captain’s bed has sort of a maritime feel and design; however, this is not true. The Captain’s bed looks just like any other canopy bed; the only difference is it has drawers installed at the base of the bed. Clothes and other things can be easily stored in the drawer.
  • Antique canopy bed. Antique canopy beds have the feel and look of decades and eras gone by. They can be genuine antiques but some are just replicas. Most of these canopy beds are made from strong and high quality materials. They usually have a stained finish. They almost always come with embellishments like carvings on the headboard. Care and attention are required by these beds. They need to be polished in order to maintain the condition of the wood. Genuine antique canopy beds can be very expensive. Although they were built decades ago, they can still be used with modern items like memory foam bedding.

How to Buy Canopy Beds for Kids

Measure the space in your child’s bedroom. You want to make sure that he or she will be able to sleep comfortable on a canopy bed without sacrificing the need for space. There should be space left enough for the little child to play and study in his own bedroom. There should be room enough for the little angel to move about without bumping into things.

Canopy beds for kids, as well as adults are widely available today. They can be found in most department store and furniture shops. They are also sold by online merchants. Search your local stores and also check the Internet.

Look for a canopy bed which is made of durable materials. No matter hoe many times you tell them not to, children love jumping up and down the bed. If you purchase a canopy bed which is made of flimsy materials, they will get damaged easily. They will not be able to withstand abuse from children. To buy a canopy bed made of durable materials is different from buying expensive canopy beds. You can still get affordability and durability at the same time.


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